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Vibes for my nerves?

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Well, my darling little Max is going in Tuesday morning to get neutered, and I'm so nervous about it. I know it's not a big deal, that it isn't even a very invasive surgery and that the vet has done this a hundred times....but I'm still very anxious about it! I guess I just hate the thought of leaving him there all alone for the whole day and not being able to be there to comfort him. I know he'll be so scared and confused about it all...he's just a baby, after all! I can't wait to have it all over with and have him home again once it's done. Am I being ridiculous, or what? I'd really appreciate some comforting words from people who've been throught this many times before. He'll be just fine, right?

Oh, and just one real question, should I go ahead and get the extra pain meds ($15) to bring home after the surgery? Do most kittens respond pretty well to neutering, or do you think he'll be in alot of pain?

Thanks as always for all your advice!
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I know how you feel. Been there and done that . All my past boys were fine w/o pain meds and pretty much back to normal the next day. Good luck.
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Of course you're nervous - I was incredibly nervous when my big boy had his teeth cleaned and an ultra sound done. I actually brought his pillow and favorite toys in both times. Sometimes I think the vets must pad their bills just a bit to offset dealing with nervous parents.

He should be fine - a lot of studies have shown the little ones recover faster from surgery than when neutering was done at older ages.

Re the pills - I suspect you won't need them, but, as a nervous Nellie, I'd probably get them just in case I needed them after the vet's office was closed.
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I've had numerous cats spayed/neutered and they all spring back very soon after the surgery, sometimes they give me pain killers for them, but I've never really had to use it because I don't believe they ever needed it. I'd watch to see if they seemed in pain, but they never did as a matter of fact my youngest one was wrestling his brother only a few hours after I brought him home from surgery, I had to try and keep him quiet, like that was an easy chore. Good luck
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Originally Posted by aswient View Post a matter of fact my youngest one was wrestling his brother only a few hours after I brought him home from surgery, I had to try and keep him quiet, like that was an easy chore. Good luck
Yeah, I have a feeling it's going to be tough to keep Max and the girls from playing rough after his surgery. I'm glad to hear that they bounce back pretty quickly, though.
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Yoshi had to stay overnight because it was done late.
He was fine and hyper the same day and there was no pain meds. I would not get the pain meds for him I doubt you will need them. I know I will worry when my sphynx gets done though.
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I heard an excellent vet on NPR a few weeks ago talking about pain medication, and he said that we often undermedicate pain because the cat can't tell us what hurts.

I had a vasectomy some years ago, which is much LESS invasive that neutering a cat, and I had three days of misery, which is about normal. I assure you I had, and NEEDED, pain medication over that time.
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I'm sure he will be fine. My two boys spent the night, just so the vet could make sure they weren't jumping, playing, etc. When I picked them up the next morning, they were just fine. They did not seem to have any pain at all. They were a little lazy, but jumped and played that day, and the next day they were completely back to normal! I'll be thinking about him tomorrow!
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Lots of vibes for Max. He'll be fine. Midnight Sun acted like nothing happened except he was a bit wobbly from the anasthesia.

I really worried when I got April Joy spayed because that's a total hysterectomy but she played and acted normal right when she got home. Neutering is less invasive so try not to worry.
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Don't worry everything will be fine

as far as pain meds, I would get them. Omelet was in pain for 2 days after he was pretty miserable. You just never know every cat is different, just like humans. I would get them so you have them
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Well, I dropped off Max at the vet's about 2 hours ago. He wasn't too happy with me for not feeding him any breakfast, not to mention packing him up and taking him for a car ride! But he quieted right down when we got to the vet. I put a few toys in his carrier with the blanket they always have in there, so he should be pretty comfy. I always have the carrier out for them to sleep/play in when they want, so at least that is not a big deal for him. The vet tech said they will call when he is ready to come home, definitely before 5:30 pm. So he'll be back in time for dinner!

I think the girls are a little confused because I came home without their brother. They are playing together, but very quietly. I didn't realize how noisy Max really is! I'm sure they'll be glad when he gets back home, although I'll have to be careful not to let them play too rough! I did decide to get the pain meds, just in case he's not feeling good. I'd rather have them and not need them, that vice versa!

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies and good wishes! I'll be back with an update as soon as Max is back home!
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And try not to be too nervous all day long - although I know that's impossible! for a good surgery and a quick recovery!
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As best as I can recall, all my "males" came back from the vet none the worse for wear. Except being shaved, they seemed to have no clue what just happened to them; if they did know, it might be a different story! ; )
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It can't hurt to get the medicine just in case. Before you know it, it will be time to pick him up again. Prayers and for Max.
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Hope he feels ok after surgery. I have to take 8 kittens and their mother in a few weeks and I am petrified.
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Thinking of you, today!
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Max is home, safe and sound!

When I walked into the vet clinic I could immediately hear him yowling in the back. Poor baby! The receptionist said he'd come out of surgery just fine, but he was very "vocal" the whole time he was there. I'm not at all surprised by this because he is always pretty talkative, especially when he's unhappy. They had already given him one dose of pain medication, so I don't have to give anymore of that until tomorrow. He continued to cry and complain and otherwise make a racket all the way home, and even kept whining after he got out of the crate. But I know what the main problem was...the poor guy was HUNGRY! As soon as I fed him (a little bit, not much) he was much more content. He really quieted right down! It was as if he was saying, "Hey, I don't care what you do to me...just give me something to eat! I'm a growing boy, you know!"

Now he is sleeping contentedly in my lap, and the girls are asleep on the chair beside me. They seem a little hesitant to get too close to him. I guess he doesn't smell quite right to them yet. Maggie did groom him a little bit, though, and she tried to tackle him, too. It's going to be hard to keep them from wrestling tonight, but we'll have to try. Thankfully, he doesn't have any stitches, and to be honest, I can hardly tell where they made an incision.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers over the last couple of days! I'm much better now that I'm got my little loverboy back home! In just 2 weeks, it will be Maggie and Molly's turn, but I think I'll be a little less anxious next time around. And if I'm not, I'll know where to go for some support! I love TCS!
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