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Showcase Your Window-Huggers!

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Awwwwwwwww those are so cute!
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They sure look comfy!
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Hissy..they are so darling!
Here a pic of Echo and Tiki from last fall. They "fight" for the windows!
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Echo is such a pretty color Shell! Any more window kitties out there?
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A whole bunch of window kitties! Max, Pan, Blondie and Silver.
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They're all so cute!!!

Pepper is looking at the computer screen with a face like "What? Everyone else has a FRIEND?? How come I only get the big drooling dog to play with? I want a window buddy!!"
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LOL What was out there? A Robin Convention?
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awwww what cute pics!!!!
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Ha ha, MaryAnn!

If I remember correctly, it was squirrels.
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What adorable pictures! Window-huggers... I must find a picture of Spike by the window to share.
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My kitties don't share windows well, but I do have a few pics of them at doing some window gazing.

Here's Trent watching the world....

And here's Ophelia enjoying the sun by the window.

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Awww! A whole bunch of adorable kitties!
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Cute!!! lots of cats love to sit by the windows especially sun is directly to them.
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Awww . Such cute pics. I think I only have on eof my girls in the windows, which is funny because one wall of my living room is windows. I will have to take more!
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Here's Mischief,Excalibur, and Charlie
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Here's Peanut,Avalance,and Antarctica
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These are all soo cute!! I need to get my camera out and get to taking pictures!
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These are my window kitties

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Here's Chevy waiting for hubby to come home

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Awww, what great pics everyone!
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All the pics are so cute!!!!

Here's Lazlo and Shelly - I guess this is literally my window-huggers! LOL!
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Here is Nakita sunning herself this past weekend on the window ledge!

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