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Newlyweds and up what did you do with your wedding dress???

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There was a small article in today's local paper about a lady turning a wedding dress into a christening gown which got me thinking.....

Were is your wedding dress and some good ideas for it.

Well I got my hat and dress in one of those display boxes from the dry cleaner now going on 23 years!!

Maybe I should sell the hat or at least take it out of the box.
And the dress-its custom fitted so who is going to wear it!!
I was thinking pillows........ In the same local paper years ago there was a lady who make them over into quilts (but I know a quilter hmm....)

And even better can you still fit into your dress (NO!!) I'm about 23# heavier eek!!!
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Well my mom kept my wedding dress. I don't want it. And only had one son and he wore white pants.....

And no I can't fit into mine
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I gave mine away
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Mom had mine preserved and boxed by the dry cleaner. No kids, so nobody to pass it on to. Lord, I only wish I could fit in it!!!!
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I can still fit into mine but it was a RED dress! We got married with 4 days notice and I had just given birth to baby number three! DH was going to have to pay over 800 in child support so he decided it was time to marry me! Theres nothing special enough about the dress to make me want to make anything but dish rags out of it!
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Gave mine to my best friends daughter for a wedding present. Unfortunately she never got to wear it. She never got married. They broke up.
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My dress is in a garment bag in our storage room. I plan to have it cleaned and preserved but I've not spent the money for that yet. Every time I go to do it, it's just not a good time for that. (When is?) I can't fit in it anymore or anything either, but I can't bear the thought of turning it into something else either. Besides, I have my christening gown for my children to wear. (my mom also wore it)
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Last time I saw it, it was wadded up and stuffed into a plastic bag, tossed in a corner in the basement. I probably should just throw it out the next time I find it. I could probably still fit into it, but it would be tight....I've gained some weight (and redistributed it) in the last 27 years.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I gave mine away

Me too
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Mine is in my closet in a garment bag.
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Mine was dry cleaned and boxed up, and is in either in our storage shed or in my cupboard...
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Mine is hanging up, but tomorrow it comes out again to get dry cleaned and ready for my second wedding in Japan!!

After that, though, I have no idea what I'll do with it... I kind of like your idea of pillows! Not sure it'd make good blankets with the material, but pillows or something else is a really cute idea... I'll have to consider that!
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I left my wedding dress at my ex-MIL's b/c we didn't have the extra space in our house that she did.
Now that we're divorced, I could only imagine what she's done with it...
It was beautiful, though--I really loved it.

I love the idea of making something "heirloomish" out of your wedding dress, though.
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Ummm, since our wedding a year dress has been in a plastic bag (from the alterations place) hanging in our closet. I have no idea what to do with it though! It is taking up way too much space and I never even had it cleaned after, so it's probably not in the greatest shape
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Well my mom kept my wedding dress. I don't want it. And only had one son and he wore white pants.....

And no I can't fit into mine
I wonder what there is about wedding dresses that make them shrink as time goes by.I bought a tux and although it also changes size just sitting in the closet, I am able to use it from time to time, rather than just be a one shot deal. In fact, my profile has my photo the last time I wore it.
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Mine is in a garment bag in our coat closet along with the veil. LOL I never had it drycleaned either. It has just been in the bag for almost 29 years! It is kinda yellowed now. We don't have any kids, so I have no idea what to do with it. I wish I could fit into it, but that is impossible now, even if I lose weight.
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I had a beautiful wedding dress.. To bad it was worn for the wrong man! It hung in my closet for 8 years and I finally gave it away to the goodwill.

No it would not fit me!!!! It was a size 6......
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My wedding dress is in the dress bag I bought it in and crammed on the floor of my closet! I have not taken it out since I got married (a little 2 years ago now). I would assume I still fit in it but I don't know! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.
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Well my I've only had mine two years so far but it's hanging in the closet uncleaned, and unpreserved. I'm about 30 lbs heavier than I was when I got married so I doubt I'd fit in it.
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My mom turned hers into curtains for the house she and my dad first lived in.

Mine wasn't a wedding dress per se - it was a cotton print I already had from J. Crew or Land's End or something - and I still have it and still wear it! It's a little bit more snug than it was.... but it sure speaks to the quality of that stuff. It's already lasted 14 years of wearing at least a couple times each summer!

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Mine wasn't a traditional dress. It was a brown linen shift that was very pretty.

To be honest, I have no idea what happened to it.

Oh, it would fall off of me if I tried to wear it now. I'm 50 pounds lighter.
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This threat reminded me, one thing I'd love to do is have some pictures of just the gown done before I preserve it. Like some nice close ups of the different details of the dress. It had a scalloped hemline at the bottom on the sheer top layer that had all this embroidery in gold and ivory (dress was ivory) with pearls and what not. It was very pretty but only so much showed up in my wedding pics. And cameras have come a long way in the last few years. Besides that, we had a good photographer, but definitely one on the cheaper side, so I didn't get artistic shots like I've seen others do for my friends weddings. One of my only regrets!
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At the moment it's in the garmet bag in my guest bedroom closet. When I get some extra money I want to have it professionally presserved
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I've never been married, so I don't have a wedding dress, but when I was 16 I did buy one in anticipation of one day getting married Talk about future planning!

Years later I did get engaged and planned on wearing it. But I ended up breaking it off. However, even though I bought the dress with no one in mind, since I planned on wearing it to marry that guy, it became "tainted." Besides, as nice as the dress was, I decided that when I did eventually get married that I wanted something more understated because I hate being the centre of attention and didn't want a large wedding. I sold it back in 2000 for a nice tidy sum. More than what I actually paid for it in fact.

My Mom had kept her wedding dress. Not sure if she intended for me to one day wear it, but she was so petite (5 feet tall with less than a 19" waist) that I"d never had been able to fit it as an adult. She dressed me up in it one year when I was in grade 2 or 3 for Halloween. Unfortunately a dog liked the dragging train and decided to have a tug of war with it and it ended up shredded.

Two of my friends who got married kept their dress to pass along to their daughters.

One friend of mine was in such a nightmare marriage that she burned her dress once the divorce was final! I don't blame her, he really was a tool!

And then there was the guy who decided to sell his ex wife's wedding dress on ebay!

In my opinion, each bride should be allowed to pick their own wedding dress and not expected to wear their Mother's unless they want to. If it's kept to be passed down, it should be presented as only an option.
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I got married in June 08, my dress is stil hanging the spare room, its purple, and totally unique, I am going to be doing a TTD with mine, hopefuly something simuliar to this::
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