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Cats ruining my expensive rug

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I don't know how to stop this. The cats have taken to sharpening their claws on my expensive rug.

I have a huge cat tree that has 8 scratching posts on it, and another small scratching post. Both are within 10 feet of the rug. They mostly use them, but often times use the rug.

Here's a pic. See all those red dots? those are fibers they've pulled out of the rug. This is ONE day's results. I vacuum daily to manage the mess.

I've tried spraying bitter apple on it, no good, and I've tried scolding them (stern voice) which gets them to run away, but they come right back. Indicating they don't know what I'm scolding them for.

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Are all of your scratching posts vertical? Maybe try getting some cardboard ones that lay flat and put them around the edges of the rug. I also make sure that my cats' nails are clipped every week so they don't do as much damage.

Lucy has a rug she likes to go after. We found that an old carpet covered piece of board can distract her and we've been training her to use it. It used to be one of those shelves that you can attach to a window as a cat perch but broke.
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How often are you clipping nails? I find they tend to scratch more when the claws need trimming. I check and trim once a week.

You can also get the nail caps to put on the front feet to stop the rug clawing.
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I agree with the recommendation for horizontal scratchers. Ours love the cardboard ones.

The other thing to consider is some cheap small carpet pieces - like they sell for the kitchen floor or car floor mats. For when there's no company around, place a few of those on the carpet, but around the edges. I'd pick a color that contrasts well with the red, like green, so they stick out. Cats seem to be drawn to stuff like that - as one poster put it, like frogs to a lilly pad.

When company comes, they can easily be picked up and tossed in a closet.

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When mine were kittens, they loved carpet to sharpen their claws. I got a scratching post with rope, they wouldnt go near that, they wanted carpet. So got a piece of wood, husband covered most of it with carpet, then attached it to the wall, so they could stretch up on it and scratch. Didnt look very attractive, but it worked a treat, they wripped into it every day and left everything else alone.
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