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PenPal Club info

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Ok everyone,
I am giving everyone an opportunity to sign up until Friday April 18. I do think it would be a lot of fun to have secret Pen Pals. That means you do not know who you'll be receiving the letter from until you actually get it. I of course will be the only one who will know who is sending my letter since I'll be picking the names. How does everyone feel about sending a small "gift" with it? It's kind of like a Secret Santa or Secret Sister/Brother type thing. I think it would be fun to receive a little nicknack type thing from a different state or country or something small like a Bookmark or Fridge magnet. Nothing expensive, but something small like a cheap sovenier (sp?). Anyone object to that? Please give me some ideas...I've never tried organizing anything like this before. It's all new to me!
So please let me know what you think and please email me at if you'd like to join.
Thank you!
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I love the idea Shell, I have sent you my address!

Big thumbs up to you for working on this!
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Thanks Kell! I just sent everyone on the list so far an email too! I believe that there are 12 people including myself on the list!! Anyone can please sign up by Friday!!
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This is a very nice idea. And, sending a trinket is a nice touch. I will send you an email right now!
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Thanks Angela...I sent you an email back!
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I got your e-mail Shell Good idea's! A small gift sounds like fun!!!
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Hi Shell,

I think it's a great idea to have it be a secret until you get the letter, and also for the little gift to be included as long as it stays something small and just for fun so no one feels they can't participate because of money or something. Even cute photos of your cats could be the little extra something!

Thanks for working on this!
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I agree...cute pictures of our cats would be a great gift! Like I said earlier, nothing expensive unless you want to. Ideas for gifts could be pictures, a keychain, bookmark, fridge magnets or even something homemade.
It's up to you, but once again it doesn't need to be expensive at all. It's not about how much you spend, it's about your personal touch to the gift & letter. That is the most important thing...that it came from the heart!
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I'm looking forward to getting my pen pal! Hurrah!
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Hey Shell,
You have good ideas! I have a problem with it though.....not a major one, but a problem none the less. B/c my town is a whole 125 ppl (no I'm not kidding...we live way out in the country!) we don't really have any souvenir-type things. What about a picture of something in your town/place that is kind of different? Or does it really matter what you send? I'm kind of stuck for ideas.....I would make something, but I have so much going on right now for craft stuff (a wedding present that should actually be done by now, another wedding present for my sis, a baby blanket for my sis again, and just general craft stuff). Also what about your favorite recipe or something? Just some ideas....hope these are ok.

Waiting impatiently for this to
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Agree sounds good.
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I like it!
Also about sending the small thing, all those things you mentioned Shell, and more, like 22angel said, fav. recepe.
I am just puzzled over one thing though. Will I send to the one I got from, or will I secretly send to someone else?
Also, will we then only "get" one penfriend? I would like to hear from more people, it´s nice to get to know the friends on the board on a different level, like through the mailbox!
Good luck with all the plans!
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I am in for whatever is decided - I will email you my info!
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Everything sounds great. I'd also like the chance to have more than one penpal, because I love getting and sending mail. As for the small trinket, I think the idea of a favorite recipe or picture of you/your cat/where yo live is much more personal than sending a souvenier. Maybe those could come later?
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So I am just a little confused. Is this a one time thing? An ongoing thing? And we send to someone ELSE?

Something small as a gift is cool but how do we know WHAT to send? I mean, we don't know anyone's decor, likes, etc. Am I thinking WAY too hard about this?
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I'm still in the thought process of all of this! It's much harder than it seemed like it was going to be! I'm worried that if we have more than one penpal, that some will not respond and it ends up hurt someones feelings. I think we should just try it out and then we can always add to it after the first round. My thoughts were that I will draw names and I will PM everyone with their penpal that they will send their letter to.
For example:
Ginger sends to Lhezzza
Lhezzza sends to Kiwi
Kiwi sends to Ginger
You can then send a letter to the person who you received the letter from. After the first rounds, the names will get shuffled so you get a different name and it repeats all over again.

As for the gift thing, it is completely up to you. The list is growing rapidly! So, it's best if we only send pictures or something crafty or a bookmark...something! Heck, send them whatever you want! Need not be anything extravagant by any means! We are all cat you could send a cute cat toy! Be crafty! Recipes are a great idea...Who doesn't need a new recipe to try out? Send a cute card or make your own personal card to your PenPal.

Hope this helps and please let me know if you've got any questions!
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Sound's good!
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I'm excited! I think all this sounds like a good idea. Shell, you can just email me or PM me with the name and address of who I'm sending to. I think it's a good idea also to switch it up sometimes, so we hear from more than one person. Keep me updated!!
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Will do! Just a reminder everyone...The cutoff day for the Pen Pal club is Friday April 18th! So far I've got 18 people on the list including sign up before it's too late!
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BUMP in case anyone missed this!
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I am looking forward to hearing from my friends here!
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Bumping this again!
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Originally posted by Shell
Bumping this again!
Hi Did you get my email that yes I want to be in on the Penpal Club I sent a email back to you that yes I Want to get in on it But at the time I sent it I WAS haveing some problems with my email acc. so want to see if you got it Thanks.
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Got it Todd! Thanks!
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Reminder folks...I'm picking the names and etc tomorrow evening when I get off sign up now! Also, if you've decided that you don't or can't participate, PLEASE let me know ASAP! Thank you!
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