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1 year old Puppy still not housebroken

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My boyfriend has a 1 year old American Eskimo Husky that still has frequent accidents in the house. He's had the puppy, named Hank, since he was 7 weeks old. They'll take Hank out and leave him outside with their other dog, Max, for an hour in this large enclosed area of the yard. Sometimes he'll have an accident as soon as 10 minutes after coming in. I have noticed that while he is in his crate, he will be able to hold it. (I know animals don't like messing in their bed) Hank is taken out on a pretty regular and frequent schedule too. When he has an accident, they usually tell him, "Bad Hank! What's this?" and Hank puts his ears down and knows he's done wrong. My boyfriend's parents have threatened to get rid of him if he keeps having accidents, and I really don't want to see that happen. (although, I think it may be an empty threat, but just in case... )

Does anyone think there is something medically wrong with Hank? Any other advice/tips? I had the same type of dog a long time ago and never had any problems.

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Some breeds/dogs are more head strong and take longer to "get it".

While you think its a good idea of turning the dog loose in the yard and expecting it to go, betcha anything the dog is more interested in playing then peeing/pooping. By the time they are done playing they forgot they were supposed to pee and then coming in the house reminds them of what they should have done when first getting in the yard.

Try taking the dog on lead into the yard and staying with them and encouraging them to "go potty" and stay there and praise when they do it........THEN proceed with the playing time. Do NOT do anything else but stand there and keep saying "go potty, hurry up"

Do first things first - pee then play.

For the most part when we let Keno out by herself, she is told "hurry up, go potty" and when she is done she comes on the porch. We don't have a fenced in yard. The only time she plays is when we are out there with her to play.
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If they say "Bad Hank what's this?" it's only making the housebreaking worse. Some breeds especially the smaller breeds like poms or chihuahuas have weak bladders. Usually, after playing hard dogs should go potty, so I would wait a bit after they play for him to go potty.

Our hound, Buster was a pain in the butt to housebreak but he finally got it before he was 9 months old. (we've had him since he was 3 months old ) Some are slow on housebreaking but people have to know rubbing their nose in their waste only makes them go potty in the same spot and it has to be positive re - enforcement and not saying you bad dog if you don't realize he's scratching at the door. I have had my hound pee in my room loud and clear if I don't let him out and I don't say bad boy, I just say I am sorry I didn't realize you were scratching at the door! People shouldn't scold their dogs while housetraining them..

if you get on a normal schedule and you wake up and let him out before you have a cup of coffee or what not and have your cup of coffee they should go potty atleast! I let my pups out right when I wake up or my parents do usually my dad before he goes to work.

I know it can be fusturating, but they need to use positive re - enforcement, not negative because that only slows it down, but he should get it soon.
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If this dog is able to contain his bowels and bladder in his crate, then there is no reason to think he shouldn't be able to in the house. If medical problems are ruled out, then I suspect this is plain and simple a management problem.

They need to start taking him out every couple of hours, on long walks, and being encouraged to go outdoors. Leaving a dog outside, as they have found out, usually will not get the job done. He can play and play, without ever going to the bathroom.

Once a walk is completed, if he has not gone to the bathroom they need to simply bring him back inside, and put him in his yelling at the dog; just bring him in, and put him in his crate. No potty, no freedom...he has to earn the right to be 'free'.

When he has eliminated outside, they need to make sure to praise and treat him. He can then go back inside, however, I would advise against simply letting him run free in the home. Have a leash on him, or keep him in a 'safe' (tiled, lanolium) floored room; baby gates are a lifesaver during house training. NEVER leave the dog unattended in the home either...even if they simply go into another room, and aren't watching him closely. This gives him the opportunity to fail, and you don't want to do that.

Put him on a consistant feeding schedule as well; am and pm feedings, for a dog his age. Don't feed him anything after 9 pm, and pick up his water or keep him from it after that time too. If he is on a specific schedule, they can soon figure out when he "Should Have" to go, and take him out accordingly. Most dogs, however, young or old, can usually eliminate every four hours, during the day.

Good luck!
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My vet gave us the same advice as faith's_mom. It does work.
If Hank doesn't go when he is taken out, crate him for 30 minutes and try again. Pick a word as the "cue," potty, bathroom, pee or what ever. If you use it consistently, you can train them to go on cue, which can be very helpful at times.
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That's what we do with Keno, she can just about pee on command It really does come in handy; especially for traveling
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