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Fresh Water and Plenty of It

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I'm leaving in one week for a week, and I usually have two friends stop in to feed my cats.

I always ask two so God forbid something happens to one, somebody is caring for my cats!

Now I have to hire someone who will come every other day. She was supposed to stop by sometime after we spoke a few weeks ago, to meet me and the cats and arrange for a key and she still hasn't stopped by or contacted me!

I just left her a voicemail and feel pretty good about her nevertheless because I know two people who use her daily for walking their dogs and are very happy with her.

So I have no 2nd back-up person and so I was thinking maybe I should buy one of those running water things. Do they really keep the water fresher or will the container still get slimy if the water isn't changed?

I would feel more comfortable with some kind of back-up plan for my cats. Also maybe a feeder will a week's worth of food that comes out little by little?

Any suggestions of products would be very much appreciated!
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If someone is coming in to check on them, wouldn't they be changing the bowls of water? When we leave for a weekend and have to just leave food/water for them, I only put down two extra bowls (all the water is fresh when first left). I've never had a problem of them turning "slimy". Maybe you need filtered water if you are having that problem.
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I think getting a water fountain is the best thing you could ever do for your cats. Well, maybe not the BEST thing EVER but it is a great invention.

It doesn't get slimy after only a week's use, and I have three cats using it. I think it will offer you some piece of mind. You never know what can happen right?

Also, my cats LOVE it. They drink alot more and that feels good to know they are getting the water they need.

You could also for piece of mind and "just in case" keep some dry food accessible at all times. If this is your first time using this person and they haven't communicated to you that they have a back up than do what you need to do.

My cat sitter has a couple back ups and has given me their information. I would ask if this person has someone that would take care of the cat if she can't. Won't hurt to ask right?
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i can highly recommend the drinkwell for ease of cleaning plus rate of refilling needed. i also have 2 freshflows, which need refilling more frequently & aren't quite as easy to clean.
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