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SOS: Need to Find a Place that Accepts Pets

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I don’t know if this is the proper forum, but if it isn’t, it can be moved to the appropriate one.

I’m sure this is, sadly, a common problem, but here it is.
I have a friend who is in a bit of a predicament:

She, her son, and dog and cat have to move out of her current apartment in 45 days and find another place (presumably, another apartment) in her son's school district that will accept a dog and a cat. She needs to find a place that is temporary, month to month, because when the custody battle she’s having (with her ex) is over, she can relocate to another area and settle-in permanently with her son—in another school district and maybe even a house.

She is worried to death that she won’t be able to find an apartment that accepts a dog; they are rare. A place that accepts cats is easier.
Her son is already sad at the possibility of losing his friend.

She can afford in the 900 to 1,000 a month range (here in Pennsylvania).

The ideas I had were:

Type-up a Notice so you can post it places around town AND
Visit the area Humane Shelters and provide them with your note and speak with them.
Speak to your pastor and also post your note on your church’s bulletin board.

Am I overlooking something, an idea, things to look into—other than a friend or relative taking in her dog---which is unlikely or impractical.
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Apt locators? We've use them before.

In our area, we have no problems finding apts that take pets. My son's live in a complex that would take my three large dogs and 2 cats, pet deposit, but no extra monthly charge.

And our school district permits transfers in, if the after school care is in our district. And it is permitted by state law - have her check with the school district's admin.
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I would not give up. Often I found that with a bigger deposit people will take pets easily.
With single owners sometimes you have a better chance of negotiating.
Or sometimes really large complexes are lenient because they want to keep the property full.

She may have to sign a 6 month lease because I think trying to find a month to month with a dog may be tough unless you live in a metropolitan area.
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I have 3 cats and sort of have the same problem.

I have been using craigslist to find and go look at apts.

She can click on APTS and then CHECK OFF CATS and I also
check off IMAGE because I want to see pictures BUT if she
does not check off image she will find a lot more apts that way.

Here is a link.... she can check all the area near her...........


good luck and maybe she can ask a friend or family member to let
the dog live with them temporarily for a couple of months ?
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Originally Posted by Prettyboy View Post
I have 3 cats and sort of have the same problem.
Sending prayers and vibes for successful apartment finding
Maybe the OP's friend could contact a dog rescue & see if one of their fosters would open a spot in their home, at least until the custody hearing.
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What about an apt locator service. No charge to the renter, but they do try to stear you toward their client's places.
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We were having an issue with that as well. We have 2 cats and 1 large dog (a labrador retriever). The dog was more of an issue than the cats. A lot of places would only take small breed dogs or no dogs. There is 1 local property management company that has no pet limit. Pet deposits here are $200-300 per pet. Anyway, I went to Craigslist and put a 'wanted' ad under the housing/listing thing. I explained that we had pets and were responsible and I got a lot of emails from people trying to rent their houses (housing market sucks here so people want to rent and wait it out instead of sell right now). That's how we found our current home.

good luck!

Finding a month to month is going to be more difficult I think. Could always do a 6 month lease.
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