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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny and cool here this morning.

Heading off to work in a bit, should be a short day as I got a lot of stuff caught up yesterday.

After work I am going to a fair for a bit, it's one of the local agricultural fairs and they are great fun..I especially like to see all the farm animals..The flower and plant show is nice as well.

The kitties are good this moring tearing around the house right now having a grand time..

Everyone have a great day
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Today we're back in the car for a 2 hour ride up to northern Vermont for my great-grandmother's surprise 90th bday party. It's gonna be a lot of fun, mostly because I can see family I rarely see.

I think we'll be bringing my cousin home with us so she can spend the night with us. And then I'll be taking her out to breakfast tomorrow and shopping.

Have a good one everyone
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Today I am going to an amusement park... for the first time in over a decade. I expect to be green by the time I come back home.
I am going with my brother, SIL, niece and nephew. Since my nephew is 4 and my niece is 2, I will go to the little kids rides with them and skip the rollercoasters.

You know, I just thought, one of the main attraction at that amusement park is a water log ride... so maybe I should change out of my white t-shirt if I don't want this to accidentally turn into a wet t-shirt contest.
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Hmmm...we have friends from high school coming over for dinner tonight. So I suppose my wife is going to want me to clean up, and I have to cook. Plus I need to take care of my snakes and get some more cat food. And if I have some free time, I might putter around on my guitar.

And I'm going to tell all my jealous friends about the super-cool Smashing Pumpkins concert we went to last night
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Just a bunch of little miscellaneous things to do, washing, lawn cutting, DH wants to fix a few minor things around the house. Taking it easy
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Well, I have spent a few hours with Little Miss Maisie this morning and now Ive come in to work ( which is just upstairs from my flat! ) so I can come on the internet for a while. Then I shall go home and cuddle Kitty until he goes to sleep again and then I may come back for some more internetting this evening I`m busy playing 'catch up'.
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It's supposed to be a very nice day today, sunny and not too hot. I'm waiting for John to get up and then I think we're going to try to go find some yard sales and go to the store. Then, probably working outside the rest of the day.
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It's sunny and going to be a scorcher today!

Nothing much planned except to go to the library. I figure I'll take advantage of their air conditioning and either sit and read or work on some cross stitching.
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Morning lovelies

I am drinking some coffee..going to do the dishes later on, pack up some stuff and head to my sisters for a visit. It warm and sunny today!
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Originally Posted by marie-p View Post
You know, I just thought, one of the main attraction at that amusement park is a water log ride... so maybe I should change out of my white t-shirt if I don't want this to accidentally turn into a wet t-shirt contest.
That is probably a VERY good idea!

We're going to DH's family reunion today. It's usually a good time, but I just stress out about family things, especially when it's his family instead of mine. And DH isn't speaking to his one cousin so it should be a drama filled day. Better bring extra beer! I'll be the one sitting in the corner rocking back and forth.
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slept in for the first time in ages, now am ready to stir myself to make some breakfast.

Meeting a friend at noon at the farm to re-start training the colts (long story short, some sort of equine cold stopped work on the horses, but everyone is better now and ready for some work!)

Also, am ready to start setting up for a kids horse camp that I am helping to run, I am very excited as It will be a full week of nothing but horses, where I wont have to go to work once (I absolutely hate my job).

Later, of course, its off to work as I have to do extra to make up for all the holidays I've been taking but thankfully Its not too long of a shift!

Have a good day everyone!
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I've got a horse show tonight!!!!

I'M WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Today is the Bay Area meet up for Tcs. We are stopping at a Vet and picking up fosters for BelongsToEvie then we are taking them to her. After that we will car pool and go to Dinner with the others at
Its Hot already here and should be 105 later.
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