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Update on my "sleeping cat"

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Well, when I got home from work today, he was in his same spot. He looked up at me, and I just knew something wasn't right. He jumped down and drank and ate, but it looked like it was kind of hard for him to walk, and he was moving very slow. I called a vet about 30 miles away, and they agreed to stay open until I could get there. He slept the whole way in the car, and didn't even care that we were in the car. He had 104 fever, but the vet didn't really know what was wrong. They kept him , but I guess that's what needed to be done. The vet said that his bladder felt really full, so maybe he has a UTI. He was going to stay for a couple of hours with him to see if he would use the litter box, and if not he was going to put in a catheter. I just feel so awful that I didn't get him there sooner! I knew he was acting weird, but it is so hot here, and I just thought that maybe he was enjoying the air conditioning. He has always been my lazy baby! Please pray for my sweet little boy. I hope it's just a uti and nothing worse. I can call and check on him first thing in the morning, and I can't wait!
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If he is blocked it would be crystals in his penis, not UTI. I just went through this with one of mine, his was very severe though-once they took the catheter out he blocked 2 hours later, we had no option but to have his penis removed-now his genitals just look like a female cat. I think that what happened with my cat (having to resort to penis removal) is kinda rare. I doubt/hope that your doesn't get to that point.

Just stay calm and know that he is at the best place he can be at this moment. *vibes*
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I hope he dosent have crystals and isnt blocked. I lost Frisky that way in 1979. Prayers he will be ok. I have a Cat with Bladder Problems also and she had Bladder Stones two years ago. Is there anyone at teh vets to watch him? He can die if he blocks and no one is there.
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Yes, the vet mentioned that it could be a blockage, but he would know more after a couple of hours. He said he would call me tonight if he felt that was what it was, and I haven't heard from him. They check on them late and night and someone will be there early in the morning. They are opened until noon tomorrow, then someone comes in several times in the afternoon/night to check them. I think they are pretty diligent about it. I hope so. I can't wait to check on him in the morning. I wanted to post a picture of him, but I can't seem to figure out how. He is such a sweet boy, and I can't stand the thought of him being there without me!!
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Well, I just read the whole penis removal thread, and I am totally freaking out! I am so worried that Sam is not going to be OK, or that the vet won't look in on him enough!!! If it's crystals and he's blocked, will the catheter keep him safe until they can do something about the blockage? Oh my poor little Sam Sam!
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The catheter should help him tonight.
Do you have a PhotoBucket?
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I'm sure he's being watched, mine went in on Christmas eve because he had a UTI, he was bleeding with little drops of urine, they had to keep him over Christmas, and Christmas evening they called me to tell me his status. They also had some one come in and leave like yours, but they were very good about watching him. Good luck. Prayers and
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The penis removal thread was mine. The catheder will keep him opened up as long as it is in. The problem with my cat was when they removed the catheder, it is standard procedure for a vet to put a catheder in a blocked cat for a few days, in hopes that the blockage and sediment passes. But my cat blocked up within 2 hours of the catheder being removed (he was still at the vet when he re-blocked, vets keep them after they remove the catheder until they are sure that the cat is peeing a steady flow). My cat couldn't stay on the catheder forever so we opted for surgery, and he has now completly healed. I think that it's kinda rare for them to actually need the surgery, out of the thousands of people on these forums I only know of about 7 who have had to have the surgery.

Prayers and vibes for you poor boy!!!! I know how bad you feel for him, I was in your shoes a few weeks ago!!!
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I wouldn't get all panicky yet. I think KatKisses' cat had a more rare sort of problem where he kept blocking every time the catheter was removed. Keep us posted on the little one.
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