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Rest in Peace princess Rhani

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Not long ago Tristan called me to say that Rhani, his dog (who i have spoken about before) had been put to sleep. She was very old for a pup, about 17. They adopted her when she was 4 from a shelter. I've been able to spend 3 years being in her life, but i have watch her gradually go down hill. She managed to get around with cataracts, and bad hearing. But the last few months she had lost alot of weight, her mid section was frightfully small, and i was so afraid to pick her up in case i injured her. Her back legs were very weak, as she lost muscle mass. There was worry about her having small seizures, i think she only had 2 or 3 in the last year or so, and the vet says as she wasn't awake for them that she wasn't harmed. There was the possibility of her having a brain tumour, but because she was so old, a biopsy would have been too dangerous for her.

Tristans family have done so much in the way of love, and veterinary assistance to prolong her life, and make sure she's happy and comfortable. Many times Wendy (Tristans mum) thought that the time may have come, as Rhani would spend most of the day in bed, not eat much at all, and then the next few days she'd be more bouncy and eat more than usual. We thought it was the same for this time around. Last weekend i spent the day there to babysit her with Tristan while the family was out. I thought it was the last time i was going to see her. So the next few days i was told she was all live and bouncy again, and that a visit to the vet was not certain.

But i was then told that today, a checkup at the vet was set, just to see how she was, and if any decisions needed to be made. Apparently this morning at home, or at the vet, i'm not sure, her back legs were cold, and they had no circulation left in them. And that there was something funny with her eyes, that she may have had another seizure and her brain was wrong/damaged, so she was finally put to sleep.

It's so horrible to have to try and prepare yourself for something like this, and not know what to say to the people you love when you're trying to step around what's happened.

So, i miss her smiling face, her long claws tap dancing on the kitchen tiles, her smelly breath as she licked peoples toes. She was so old, her fur was quite wirey as age got on, but her ears were so soft and velvety, i think that will be one of my happy memories. I hope now that she's passed on, that she is happy. I know now she is no longer in any pain and is running around with the other pups Tristans family has lost over the years.

Rest in Peace Rhani

What she did best, stealing Cleos food

Having a snooze

And more of a snooze

This was on my phone, so sorry for the fuzzyness, but she rarely looked up like this at me
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So sorry she had to be pts.
I am glad she was 17.
My Oldest Dog was 15 and she died from a Heart Attack.
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your post made me cry as so much of rhani reminded me of my rb lurcher leo. from the deterioation in her back legs to the stealing of food, leo was a thief right up to the end bless him.

13 years is such a long time. i had the priviledge of spending 12 and a half years with leo, he was a rescue too.

rhani was truly loved and cared for and her memory will live on forever.

RIP princess.
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I'm so sorry for the family's loss. Rest in Peace Rhani.
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What a lovely old lady. RIP Rhani.
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Have a wonderful time running and playing again at the bridge again Rhani

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I am sorry for your loss. RIP Rhani.
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I'm sorry for the family's loss. She had a nice long life. Rest in peace Rhani.
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