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Ringworm - Help!

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So we're 99% sure my cat has ringworm. We have an appointment for the vet on Thursday, but that means 6 full days of this "thing" in my house.

We have Cody (my cat) in his own room to keep him away from my other cat and we're trying to keep it confined to one room.

But I still feel horrible and could use some support / advice.

1. How can I feed him / love on him when it's so contagious?

2. What is the best way to keep my family safe from contracting ringworm as well?

3. If we do happen to get it, what's the best way to treat?

4. Besides bleach, is there anything better to kill the fungus without being harmful to my other kitty or destroying my home items?

I just feel so sad for my boy and so helpless. If you have any experience or help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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It IS very contagious. I'm not sure what the vet will provide to you, but since it's a fungus, most shelters actually treat it with the same stuff as athletes foot. I got from the vet a little bottle of MicaVed Lotion 1%, which is a 1% solution of micanazole nitrate. It's mostly alcohol, I would say, judging by the smell. We applied it to the cat twice daily with a cotton swab.

However, many shelters use "tolnaftate cream usp 1%," which is a cream for treating athletes foot. It's not expensive, and you can get it in store brands (the tube I have is "Equate" brand, the Wal-Mart store brand). We just rubbed it in thoroughly; you don't want to leave any for the cat to lick off.

There ARE, I believe, internal treatments, too, but your vet will have to tell you what he wants to do.

I got a spot of ringworm in the middle of my back, somehow, a year or two ago. We just sprayed it with atletes foot spray once or twice a day for about a month, and it disappeared. I did NOT get it from my cats.
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I am so sorry. I fostered a kitten last year that had ringworm. It is difficult, but can be managed.

The vet gave me "itraconazole" (sp?) which had to be mixed at a compound pharmacy. Liquid given by mouth. Worked fast to clear things up.

While waiting for the vet visit you might try any of the products offered at the pet stores or animal health supply stores. Some feed stores will carry something for ringworm. They will all be safe to use being sold at pet places. Could not hurt while waiting.

Keep ringworm cat confined to one area. Put on an old bath robe or some type of smock to cover your clothes. Then remove them at the door when you go out of the room. Wash your hands upon leaving room. You can spend time and cuddle. It's okay.

A dilute solution of bleach and water can be wiped on hard surfaces.

Vaccum every day and throw out the bag. If this frightens your baby, just wait until it clears up then vaccum well.

Change the air filter in your central air system every week. This was suggested to me. Not sure if the spores really circulate through the vent system.

That's all I can remember right now. It will get better.
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1) Do not do anything without consulting your vet first!!

2) Ringworm is very contagious. You can/will spread it on your clothes, simply from petting him.

3) Wash fabrics often....I covered my furniture with sheets & washed them often, in hot water.

4) For ringworm, my vet treats with Fluconazole oral liquid, plus Conofite cream on the spots. In addition to that, they get a bath in anti-fungal shampoo & conditioner 1x a week. Treatment is for 6 weeks, which going for 6 weeks greatly reduces chances of re-occurances. (*Disclaimer* This is all what my vet says)

Now, for the honest truth about how I handle ringworm. I treat. I don't quarantine. If you get it, you get it. By the time it is often noticed by the person, they've been infected for....4 weeks or so (as per my vet). Sometimes they can be latent carriers for life.... I clean often, & treat those affected. I've been through ringworm 8x. Try not to freak out, although I do know what you're thinking I imagine!
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I've had ringworm, my cats have had it, cats at our shelter get it, and imo its no big deal. Unsightly, not dangerous, people make much to big a deal about it.

I'd be much more worried about diarrhea, URI's, and other illnesses that actually are dangerous.
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My kitten Pepino had it, he was around the other cats a bit before we knew, they never got it, I never got it, either, nor my DH. I slept with Pepino in my neck every night too, but that doesn't mean you won't get it or your family. I took him to the vet 2 times a week for baths because I didn't want to give them to him. I also used Organic Apple cider vinegar on his spots.

Good Luck!!
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