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Cable is 4!

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today is the day i chose to celebrate Cable's birthday - she's now 4 years old!
1st night home

after being here for a while [& gotten bathed, etc.]

bugging big sis Mouse

bugging big sis Pixel

her 'glamor' shot!

to the reigning of the house!
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Awww.... such a cute little kitten! She grew up to be a lovely cat.
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Happy Birthday Cable!!!!!
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Happy 4rth Birthday, Cable!!!
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Happy Birthday Cable!!
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Wow, stunning girl she is!! Happy birthday Cable!!
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Happy Birthday Cable!

Today is Chloe's birthday too (her 1st).
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Happy 4th CABLE
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Happy Birthday you Pretty Girl!
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Aw - Happy Birthday Cable. She was an amazingly cute kitten - and a beautiful girl!!!
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Cable says thanks for all of her birthday wishes! she really did turn out to be gorgeous - especially considering she was such a scrawny, flea-covered thing when she was found!
since Mouse left, i consider Cable to be my prettiest cat.
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