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after being kicked...cat is acting VERY weird

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i was really kind to pookie and spoke to her in really soothing voices like everyone said and she came to me and let me hold her this morning for just a little while before she got fidgety and i immediately let her go...ok i knew she was going to be withdrawn and act frightened of me for a little while but what she did was really weird...i put her food down for her and she barely touched it and that is REALLY abnormal for her...and i knew it was because she was traumatized so i didnt make a big deal out of it...although she did let me hold her for a split second this morning...but that wasnt the weird part...upon calling blue down for dinner after putting it down in the kitchen pookie came running up to me and rubbing and meowing and pookie knows her name and usually doesnt come when i call blue so i got some treats and she ate a LOT of them but she wouldnt touch her food...so im leaving it there hoping she'll eat some of it...why did she eat a lot of the treats from my hand but wouldnt eat any of her favorite food from her plate? i mean its nice to know she still loves me but i found this REALLY strange and im hoping she doesnt have like some psychological problems or something...that is making her confused and act weird...help?
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So sorry all this has happened to you and your pets. It will get better. Just keep working to understand them and help them. They depend entirely on you for everything.

How long has it been since she has eaten anything or drank water. Cats cannot go for very long without either before it causes problems.

I know you checked your baby after you kicked her, but cats hide pain and she could be hurt. Even if she was ok right after it happened, a blood clot forms slowly. She could be bleeding internally. No way to know without getting her checked. If she doesn't eat or drink, medical attention is very important.

There are low cost clinics and programs for low cost spay and neuter. Call your local shelter and ask them to give you suggestions for vet care.

I know you didn't mean to kick any of your animals. Can you see about going back to the anger management class you spoke of before? They really do help. Meanwhile, any time you feel upset with them, walk away and come back after a few minutes. Just never touch them in any way unless it is for loving on them. You can get better.

The cats and dogs behave different and they do not know what they are supposed to do or not do. So if she poops on the floor, she did NOT know she wasn't supposed to. Try to figure out why she did it and correct the problem. She doesn't know. They cannot think like us. You are on the right path. It will take time. Good luck to you and God bless you and your animals.
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