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Sunday's DT

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Well, Alex and I went to the zoo today with my mom and her boyfriend, to enjoy the sunshine!! It was fun! They had all the baby animals out! They were too cute!

We also went shopping for stuff for the new apartment, so I'm exhausted now. There is so much to do!! Aah!! Only three weeks left, though!
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Did almost nothing today!Did go out with my grandson,to the little creek down the road so he could through rocks in it.At seven thats fun! I just like to spend time with him!Here is a picture of him.
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Bill and I went to an antique fair in the park. Some neat stuff but nothing that I just HAD to have.

Got the whole week's laundry out of the way, though.

Mark said that he was going to try to stop by, this afternoon. He hasn't mey his new "brother" yet.

Speaking of whom, Buddy seems to think that midnight is a good time, to get petted. Bill was NOT amused! Buddy found himself being unceremoniously dumped off of the bed. Snuggle, yes! Wake up Mommy and Daddy - NOT a good idea!
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We did some yard work. I petted on of the kittens!! and i had to run to the craft store to get some supplies, now i have a couple orders i have to work on
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