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Scary Movies...

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What are some of the best scary movies you have ever seen?

Craig and I rented "The Ring". Let me tell you... that movie had me FREAKED out. Very creepy. I give it an A++!

I haven't really seen any other 'new' scary movies lately. I still like the classic Poltergeist and absolutely anything Steven King

On another movie note. I rented "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood". Craig didn't wanna watch it so I watched it alone, and that movie cracked me up so-o-o-o-o-o bad.
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I am NOT a scary movie person at all, lol. We went to see The Ring, and I had to leave the theater! Seriously, I am more of a Casper person.
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Silence of the lambs!!
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The scariest movie ever was "The Excorcist". I saw it once, thirty years ago and haven't been able to watch it, since.
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Hellraiser freaked me out. So did Night of the Living Dead. The Ring was creepy, but it didn't really freak me out too much. Except the week after I watched it, I started thinking about the 7 day thing.
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EvilDead Part 2 and Army of Darkness If you like horror/comedy.
The Cell if you like a lot of artsy visual stuff. NiteBreed has a lot of interesting stuff in it,but not so scarry. I used to like those Leprachan movies too, but i wouldnt recommend them. Poltergeist would be my favorite.and Alien.
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I'm not really into *scary* movies... I like suspense films, but I don't know about being terrified for a couple hours.

In any case, I did see "The Ring"... I wanted to see what the hype was about. I was kind of disappointed honestly... I was assuming I'd be scared... I had a blanket ready to cover my eyes with and everything. I'd have to say there are slightly creepy parts here and there at best.

Now... put on a movie with zombies in it, and I won't sleep for weeks. EEP!
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I just saw ghost shipped and LOVED it. It was really really really good!!
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Opps that should have said ghost ship
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The Shining was scary. The Thing was good too.
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Ghost Ship got two thumbs up from me as well- very creepy. The scene on the ship deck in the beginning had me literally in shock- it was so unbelieveably horrifying.

I saw The Ring a few weeks ago and was very disappointed I was expecting to be terrified, but I thought it was kinda lame. It sort of reminded me of a Marilyn Manson video- lots of abstract images that don't amount to much.

As far as past movies, believe it or not The Blair Witch project scared me nearly to death ! I have a huge fear of being lost in the woods and I watched the movie on the typical creepy "dark, stormy night" , all alone in a big old house. I was so scared that when it was over I couldn't bring myself to get up and turn off the TV for quite some time

I can't wait until the movie 'House of a Thousand Corpses' is released this summer, its been years in the making and is boasting being the scariest movie ever made. Rob Zombie (formerly of the band White Zombie, and still going musically under his own name) is the creator/ director I believe.
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The Blair Witch Project was real scary. Because of the way its filmed its so easy to put your self in the place of the characters.
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I LOVE scary movies! But, I think a lot of horror movies today go for the ick/gross factor more than the scare. I think the Blair Witch was definately a scare movie instead of a gore movie. I saw The Ring and was disappointed, because it seemed derivative of older, more frightening movies.

My suggestions for good scary movies-The Haunting (the orignal, not the remake with Catherine Zeta Jones), The Changeling, and The Woman in White (with Lucas Haas). None have any gore, but will have you jumping out of your seat. And The Changeling has the scariest seance scene in any movie I've seen.
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The old monster movies, from the '30s were excellent. Being in black and white, there were lots of shadows and you KNEW that something was going to jump out of them!
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When i was a young kid Vincent Price movies used to scary the ba-gee-bees outa me.
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I love Vincent Price. He was so versatile - he could scare the daylights out of you ("House of Wax") and then play a comedy role, too.
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