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Flea Prevention

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Hey guys
My boyfriend and I are moving into an apartment together and we have a little bitty problem.
His parents cats have fleas pretty bad back home....so he has fleas/eggs all over his bed and linens and everything.
Of course, it's in my best interest to nip this in the bud.

Chester and Dynah-bear are both already on Advantage and I have a supply for about 6 months. I've read that washing his linens/clothing in hot water will kill any bugs (but not eggs) so we can do that on move day. We were also considering getting some flea collars NOT for the cats but to put in the vacuum bags and to vacuum his mattress.

Any other thoughts/ideas on making this transition as flealess as possible?

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Any chance on him getting some new bedding instead of trying to get rid of the fleas on the present bedding (other then the mattress)?

Does the mattress have a cover on it? Or plastic over it. I was thinking you could bleach wipe the mattress but not sure how that would work.
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I'd love for him to get rid of his old bedding (worn out and the bottom sheet never stays on)...but he's so attached to it. I don't understand, but am forced to tolerate it.

The mattress doesn't have any cover...I'll consider the bleach, but I tend to have allergic reactions to it. Maybe if I dilute it in a spray bottle?
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That might work. But you guys might consider putting money aside to get new stuff as soon as you can. Hopefully you will NOT bring any extra passengers with you.
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It's so true. I've read that the eggs live up to 200 days, so I'm preparing to fight for about that long. At least he doesn't have much stuff and I know enough to be diligent with the advantage. I think it's the only thing that will get us through the fleas intact.
I was telling him this afternoon that at least it's a saving grace that I already have half of his clothes here (and no fleas) and he's not taking the carpet with him....that carpet is hopping with little buddies The bed will be the biggest issue IMO.
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Another thought. Boric acid powder sprinkled all over the mattress - that will kill the fleas. Then vacuum the mattress and get a full zipper cover to put over it.
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Just be diligent about vaccuuming and throwing away the bag each time as well.

My dad has worked in pest control for 25 years so our flea problem has been a breeze to take care of--their spray can be used on furniture and mattresses.

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