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New kitten, questions

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I adopted a male siamese kitten, named him "Balki" he is 8wks old. I adopted him yesterday(Saturday) and have some questions.

At first he was very shy, but quickly came around. Now, unless I'm holding him, cuddling him and playing with him, he goes nuts. He has an anxiety attack when he realizes I'm gone, and frantically tries to look for me. He howls, and howls and howls some more. I realize he is siamese, and they are naturally more vocal. But, once I come back his whole body trembles in a panic. This is quickly remedied by me picking him up and cuddling him. His trembles turn to purring, and content. He also tries to nurse off of me. I'm probably doing more harm than good by constantly "rescuing him". My problem obviously is that I work full time and can't devote 24-7 to him. He will have to get use to being alone during the day with 3 other cats. I have to work tomorrow, any suggestions?

Also, he isn't litter box trained. The breeder said he was, and he might just be very nervous, but has had accidents in the house. I take him to the litter pan and make his paws scratch in the box. I also put some extra pans around the house in plain sight to him. He is not using the box yet. I have never had this problem with any of my other cats, they came to me litter trained already.

Also, for some reason the breeder was feeding him supper super canned food by 9 lives. I really don't want to feed him this, but it is the only thing he will eat. I've tried, he won't touch dry food. I figured I will just feed him what he wants and will eat well until he is settled, then wean him off of it. Is this ok?

He has been tested for felv/fiv so I let him out with the rest of my cats due to high levels of anxiety. He can't stand to be alone, not even for a minute. He completely freaked out in the guest room by himself, trashed the room. So far, my other cats seem ok with him.

Any advice? It's been a while since I had a kitten.
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He is quite young to leave his littermates. Ideally 12 weeks is when they should leave, because by then mom has taught them all they need to know- litterbox wise as well.

First of all, putting him in the litterbox and "making him scratch it" doesn't work. It would be nice if it did, but it doesn't. The kitten could simply be sick, or the pan may be to big for him to use. Try using a old baking pan with lower sides and see if that works? You can even use those aluminum pans that you can buy rather cheaply at the grocery store, or even cut a door in your litterbox- in the side so he can get in and out easily. Just don't leave any sharp edges.

He is just young, he misses his mom, his brothers and sisters. There is a really good product for kittens called a Snugglekittie. Here is the website that sells them. They are a great form of comfort to scared or anxious kittens.


You are encouraging him by picking him up and comforting him all the time, and you are on your way of creating a problem. YOu might also consider adopting another kitten so they can grow up together, and play off each other and learn from each other.

Good luck! I have one Siamese mix and he is very vocal too.
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Hi Kris and happy Sunday!

i belong to a group called California siamese Rescue, and my name was added as a foster mom.

Yeah, kittens can be a challenge and yet they are the MOST adorable!

Siamese kitties are extremely vocal. Wow, Balki (is it the same name as the funny chap in "Taxi?") seems to have the normal traits of a Siamese kitten.

Seems like he wants attention, lots of attention, all the noise he makes.. just being "talkative" and wanting attention is what i gathered.

My friend, Diane, loves Siamese kitties and she several beautiful Siamese cats at home. Seems like her male Siamese kitties are extra playful and affectionate.

From your sharing, it seems like Balki is indeed very needy of you. Kittens are like that. Venus, my 5-month old kitten, sticks to me a lot as well. She even goes to the bathroom, and from room to room, following me around.

When you are not at home, don't worry.. i feel he will get used to playing with his other brothers and sisters, and also the toys that are made available. i always encourage some sort of heights, in the form of a tree for kitties. They love elevation.

Also, to broaden his perspective, i think it helps to render some sort of window view. Cats love that as well! My kitties look out of the windows on a daily basis. They like to bird watch especially!

Not using the litter box? MMmmm.. i was suspecting maybe Balki does not like the litter you use or something. It is clean, right? i read from previous research that a litter box has to be provided per cat (that is the ratio.) Sounds like you have several. So, could it be the TYPE of litter you use? Just guessing at my end, of course. Maybe he does not like that particular type?

Regarding his diet, would you mind feeding him with both wet and dried foods? ALL kitties i have come across enjoy the flake stuff that Fancy Feast offers - the sardine, crab, shrimp flakes, fish and shrimp, ocean fish flakes, grilled chicken, etc. My kitties also love Wellness (dried foods), and it is available in two flavors. i also added Solid Gold dried food in their diets recently.

By the way, cats can be finicky eaters.. my Daisy is one. Oh well.

i think leaving Balki alone by himself is not a very good idea. He would want to be with you, with other kitties, not alone. Just yesterday, i closed my bedroom door as i laid a lot of newly developed photographs my bed, trying to sort them out. BOTH my two kitties were scratching on the door, wanting to come in. SO, i had very little choice but to let them in.

i think i would encourage Balki to interact by playing interactive games with him. In addition, including the other kitties in the game sessions is pretty helpful as well.

Kris, hopefully your worries will come to pass. i feel with love and patience, all will be well. You will see!

Smiles to you and hugs n kisses for All your kitties !

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Yesterday, Balki used the litter box! I plopped him in the box every time he woke from a nap, and finally he did his business. Later that night he went on his own without my encouragement. Today he seems to be completely litter trained. Also, he wasn't drinking any water, and I had to plop him in front of the water dish. Today he is drinking on his own! Yesterday he was only eating that super supper. Last night he accepted some Science diet kitten dry food! I prefer not to feed any wet food, not only is it messy and smelly, and seems to make them picky, but my boss, a vet tells me it is sticky on their teeth as well.

Balki is still a bit nervous and cautious, but extremely loving and sticks to you like glue once he settles down and gets to know you. Last night he slept by my side the entire night, and I didn't even roll over on him! My other cat Peanut, the "baby" came up to see me in the middle of the night, and the kitten jumped out of the covers at him and sent him through the roof all puffy! Poor baby.

Today was his first day alone. He seemed to do well as I don't see any evidence of destruction or anything like that. He was asleep on the bed when I came home, and has been stuck to me ever since then. He has many scratching posts and toys to keep him occupied. My other 3 males seem to be ok with him still. They only hiss if Balki gets to pushy and over steps his boundries. They don't seem to see him as a threat or competition.

Anyhow, he is making his first trip to the vet tomorrow. He is doing some mild sneezing, so I hope he isn't sick. But, he is eating/drinking/playing fine. I don't notice any colored discharge either. Only some mildly watery eyes.

Wish me luck!
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i am happy to hear that Balki used the litter box, and that he is drinking and eating.

i know wet foods give kitties a foul breath, that is why it is important to clean and brush their teeth on a regular basis.

You know, kitties love varieties, and they really enjoy the wet foods.

From your posting, i was reminded of one episode of Sagwa. Sagwa is a Chinese Siamese Cat, and this cartoon is viewed over PBS, public television. See http://pbskids.org/sagwa/) If you want the full story, email me.

Hope all is well with Balki.

Take care!

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Kris - I'm so glad Balki is doing so much better... that's great news. (I'd have posted sooner, but I've been away from the boards for a couple days - sorry for the delayed reply!)
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