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billy idol and def leppard

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were here aug 13th and i was there! woohoo!!!
I did manage to get some photos:
lets start with billy:

now def leppard:

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Brilliant picĀ“s my friend!... very good my friend!......thanks a lot!...for share!...........
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Oh I would have loved to seen that, Def Leopard is my favorite
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I saw Def Leppard with Journey summer before last and they put on an awesome show!! I would love to see Billy Idol! Congrats. Looks like you had great seats too.
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Billy Idol doesn't have his streaked bleached blond hair anymore, I see. Now, he just looks like a rather uninteresting ordinary guy. I love Def Leppard, they Rock. I'm not that crazy about Billy Idol's music, but I would have loved to have seen Def Leppard.
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WOW! I love Def Leppard! Thanks for the pics!
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I used to listen to them both!!!!! I LOVED THEM!!!!
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AWESOME! Lucky you!

Great pics!
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Wow, how cool!
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why thank you :-) yes..very cool!
and we had loads of fun..course I couldn't hear that great for a good half hour after getting out of there..but it was worth it
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i'd love to see billy idol, was a massive fan of his back in the 80's. funnily enough i watched a documentary about him on the biography channel the other day. boy did he life live to the full when he was younger! good to see he has sorted himself out though.
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