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What would you do??

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One of my nephews just bought a house and his fiancee will be moving in about the end of the month. She has two cats and I remember her mentioning a few months ago if we would be interested in at least one of them.

Her future MIL said that she thought her future D-I-L and daughter were allergic. She also said that the cats would become outdoor cats.
I do not know the entire background of this situation but I do know were their new house is and its pretty close to the road and there is a some farm machinery traffic.

I wouldn't be opposed to taking at least one of them and passing on some hints to help their allergies if that is what they really have.
I don't know if cats are indoor/outdoor now or declawed etc I am waiting for a call from her. My nephew hasn't well their family has never had indoor pets but does like cats so I can try to do some convincing talk to him also.

What are your thought??
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I'm a bit confused. Are the present cats indoor or outdoor or both? What makes the MIL "think" the fiance' is allergic? What does your nephew say about all this? What does he want?

If they want pets but are not willing to be house pets, then I would not suggest any pets; if they are gonna be outside cats/dogs or whatever.
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Well currently his fiancee lives about 50 miles away and she has two cats. Back in March or April she asked if we were interested to take one of them. She did not inform me that she is allergic. I don't know if her cats are indoor or outdoor or combo of both.
I spoke to my nephew last night but I didn't bring this up but I'm thinking if his mom said the cats are going to be outdoor cats he doesn't want them in the house.
I'm still missing lots of information but I would like to either take one or both if they are going to be outdoor only cats just because of where their new house is I'm worried about their survival.
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I am confused too, you cant take indoor cats and put them outside to survive. Is That the case?
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Well I spoke to my nephew this afternoon and I have learned that I should get my facts straight!!. Grrrr...............
As a wedding present I am doing a landscape design and some of the installation at there new house. When my nephew called me this afternoon to left me know he informed his fiancee with this info I asked about her cats. I asked if they were inside/outside etc..
He said inside. I then asked when she moved them to the new place they are going to be outside (I didn't tell him his mom told me that). He said no they will be inside still.
Good news indeed!!
Lesson to me is get the info 1st hand!!
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