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I am having a problem!!please help~

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I don't know if anyone remembers not to long ago, I wrote in about my baby,
(feral) I named her Sister, call her "Sis" or "Sissy" anyway, I had wrote
about her having something going on around her neck, there was a patch of
fur (round) gone, and like a sore in the middle of it! some of the answers I got back were thought it to be "wolfullworm" mispelled sorry! I fed her antibiotics through her food and it seemed to help! but taking a while to heal,
and suddenly tonight I noticed that it has bascially healed, but down past where it was which would be the top of her shoulder blades there is a
patch of fur gone, it is as big as 1/2 dollar, maybe a bit larger than that.
It is pretty smooth, just bare skin, but I did see some wet stuff coming outat the bottom of the patch! I tried for 30 minutes to take a pic of it, but she
was to suspicious! It looks awful! She is my favorite, and she is the only one
with a problem! I would love to trap her but I'm afraid of getting all the other ones, and not her! I tried to see where she goes after she eats, so maybe I could set the trap in that area, but she just walks into the weeds and disappears! and it's really close to Bill's shop, remember the guy that called the cops on me! Yeah! anyway, I don't know what I should do! I know she needs to go to the vet! How do I get her and only her in the trap???
Impossible...right now I don't have the money to spay/neuter any more, but I don't want to let them go after being trapped! Does anyone know what her condition sounds like? The whole situation is so hard! help!!!!!!!!!!!
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Aw, that poor baby! I have no idea what that might be, I sure hope you can catch her and get her in to the vet...

I'm really new to this whole feral-trapping thing, but I can tell you a few of the hints I was told if trying to catch one particular cat. Sorry I don't know the whole back story to your cats or how you are feeding them, so not sure how appropriate this is, but I wanted to try to help!

If you feed them all at once and she is accustomed to you and getting food with you, you can do your regular feeding, but just keep her away. It's not easy if she's a brave kitty, but I did that with a skittish feral. All it took was leaning towards her, and she'd bolt. Once all the others have eaten, put the trap out with food in it, and if she's hungry enough, she'll go in, and the others won't because they'll have eaten. You can't use extra yummy food, though, like KFC, because it will tempt the others in even if they're not hungry- I found that out the hard way!

The other option that I know of is a drop trap. This worked REALLY well for me, and I was in a similar situation, I think. I am feeding a group of ferals, maybe 10 or 15 of them, and wanted to catch one cat. The drop trap is great for a few reasons- it isn't as scary as a regular trap, so they go in easier; you trigger it when you want so you know you'll catch the right cat; and, you can catch more than one at a time, but only transfer the one you want and let the others go.

Wish I had more help for you, so for now, here are lots of that you can catch her!!
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Aw Monique, I'm so sorry!

Please PM White Cat Lover - she might know, having been through quite of things like that with ferals she's fostered.

Unfortunately, I have no idea of how to trap a specific cat when there's more than one.

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Here are the pics of "Sister" .... if anyone knows what that could be please
let me know! she is the reason I feed those cats, well most of the reason anyway! but she is the first one that I saw and fell in love with! She doesn't deserve to live out there!! I am so worried about her! any advice is appreciated!


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Thanks Laurie and Belongstoevie! I know we all have problems from time to time! I just wish my catsite friends lived close! I know I could always count on them to help me when I have a cat problem! For any problem for that matter! I can't even imagine how I could drop trap Sis, or just set it up to happen! I haven't had any trouble with the other trapping (cage) but
just wanting her and not any others, well I guess I'll just have to try it!
Doesn't her back look terrible? Awww, I don't want anything to happen to her! She's my girl!!
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If it's weepy, not so likely it's ringworm/fungus.

Are you sure it's weepy from infection or is it weepy from something else? Like coming into contact with something wet, or another cat licking it?
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I understand what you mean about trapping just a certain cat. We used a borrowed dog trap and propped the trap door open with a stick and string tied to stick. When she goes in you pull the string and stick to release the trap door. Like a drop trap only in the sense of the stick holding the trap door up. We tied the door open for about three days and fed them closer to trap each day. Then set it with stick, not trigger release.

The dog trap is just a way oversized cat trap. You might borrow from your vet or animal control/shelter. We borrowed from a local dog rescuer.

I have no thoughts on the spot on her back. My friends outside cat got some knid of bite and he reacted with a weeping hairless spot. Had to be treated and drained at the vet for days. It really could be several things. Infection from bites if males are mounting her and biting her. I have heard that some still do so even after being fixed. A dominance thing, too. Could be an allergic response, maybe. Can you put antibiotics in some baby food or canned food for her? I treated a colony one time like that. We get antibiotics from an animal health supply store. Cheaper there.

Good luck in getting her to get checked out.
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Perhaps when being mated it is causing a wound??
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Perhaps when being mated it is causing a wound??
I was thinking the same thing. Could be a lot of males mating with her, causing this irritation or one of the males may have bitten her causing an infection. But with the fur missing, it could be ring worm as well. However if it was ring worm, I would assume there would be more than just one spot.
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
I was thinking the same thing. Could be a lot of males mating with her, causing this irritation or one of the males may have bitten her causing an infection. But with the fur missing, it could be ring worm as well. However if it was ring worm, I would assume there would be more than just one spot.
Not always.

If it is ringworm, though, you'd see it in other cats for sure. That's not a common spot to have ringworm pop up. And ringworm isn't generally "weepy".
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I will try to get some better pics of her today! It is weird to see just skin
like that on a cat! it is pretty smooth, or it looks to be, she may have scatched it on something? Lord only knows, there is no telling where these
poor babies go and the place where I have been feeding, is so overgrown!
I can't stand it! I keep a small area cut back with my hand held clippers, I know that water bowl looks dirty, but we just had a storm, and I went to see if she would come out, so I can take her pic. She was right there, then started drinking out of the bowl whenever I went to get my phone to take her pic. I did clean it after that and I gave her some fresh food! I also read
an article today about fleas, from the ASPCA newsletter, and how they like
hot humid weather, (duh!) also they like living in and among tall grass, BINGO! that is exactly the conditions where most of them (the cats) are living. When I started feeding these ferals, it was fall, and the whole area, was never overgrown, I could see all through the tree area, and the ditches were fine!
Now the ditches have weeds as tall as I am, it just burns me up, that jerk
being right there watching every move I make. That is why I feed at night,
so I don't have him watching me, and planning what he can do to defer
me more! when I went today, (during the day) to take her pic, he had a shop
full of people, and they were all looking at me, I know if I put a trap out,
he would probably do something to it! I had bought them a lg stainless steel
bowl for their water, it didn't take long, it's gone now! he's the only one
that would even think of looking back there in that ditch, and take my bowl!
I can get really just thinking about him! I have never in my life...............anyway! I am going to fix his wagon one day! or better yet, what comes around, goes around, so I'll leave it alone, let someone way higher than me take care of him... but now if the opportunity arises...
I may not can help myself!!! that is why that big green bowl is there for now! I was thinking about buying that piece of land right next to
him, where Sis is and I believe that would really get under his skin!
I don't want him poisioning the cats or anything like that! I am
glad he hasn't already done that! well I'll quit venting now! oh and about the fleas, it also said, they love long grass and shady outdoor spots, they cause anemia, skin allergies, and tapeworms, which sounds similiar in everyway to
the conditions there. But why don't any of the others have it? Would know
it would happen to my favorite! oh and one more thing....FYI....that a flea can jump up to 2 feet, 10,000 times in a row, that adds up to 3 football fields!

I can get some antibiotic, and put it in her food! I did that for the first spot
that came up on her neck! she had really long hair, this past winter, it was
especially thick around her neck, I remember her scratching her neck alot, but whenever it started getting hot, she lost alot of that fur, as did most of the other long haired cats, then that is when I noticed the first spot. Thanks everyone and if you think of something I might need to know....please feel free!
Here is a pic of her this past winter.....they are blurry, but you can tell the difference in her coat...this first pic is when I first met her, look at how beautiful, I have never seen a cat's coat look like this....

She was so gorgeous!

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I love her color. My baby Saffron "Saffy" is blue too. She has that silvery glowing look too.

I am not sure about her spot. It seems like it would be a fungus or an infection. It could be allergies to fleas as well. My cat Olivier was actually allergic to fleas and when I got him he had a big patch of hair missing. It was bald. Just an idea to throw on the pile.
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2 words - google them "bot fly" bot flies larva can be "hosted" by cats,
and cause a small lesion/wound that is open, where the larva "breathes"
Larva can be removed by vet - not sure what the proper proceedure is -
to leave in place till larva moves to next stage of development and departs host, or have removed.

Could also be abscessed wound, which formed a walled off lump,
of pus etc, that then burst at the inital bite/injury site and is
"draining" pus and icky stuff.

If you have what you know to be an infection (and not
ring worm or bot fly larva) - you can use anitbiotics for fish - which are
exactly the same as those used by vets on cats and dogs.

But you can buy without prescription at pet store. Dosages for cats are based on weights - you would gestimate. I refer you to some web sites - particularly the terrier man's web site. This information is also out on the web, google for information on dosages and do a little math and you can cut those fish pills up and dose the cats food.

Fishmox, (amoxicillin) for example can be used. under "antibiotics for less"

Can you get any closer to the animal?

Anyway, hope this info helps.
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