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First off let me tell you that Misun FINALLY has a new home!!! He'll be going tomorow, getting fixed on the 11th of Sept. I went ahead and did his shots and tests (negative TG) because I thought I might have had to put him with the colony. He had ear mights but everything else checked out well. does $330 seem high though? My puppy's vet visit only cost $160...
Toby, his sibling is doing well and is spoiled rotten.
Speaking of the puppy we found a lab mix abandoned at a gas station in Northern Arizona on the 26th of July. I fell in a cattle guard grabbing her up I'm such a dork. I guess there were three of them but 2 had been killed by cars in the previous days. I yelled at my husband "Can we have a new puppy?" and when he said "NO!!!!" I said "Honey, LOOK! We have a new puppy!" That's when I busted my butt, I didn't drop her though!

New young female cat in my colony. Too skittsh for me to get a good look. She's been around about a month now.

Recent events would be my husband finding a very young (Petsmart vet thinks 3 weeks) female in our driveway. He's got it down cold now, if there is no Mom in sight he just puts them in a cage in the bathroom Misun owns the house so it's open now.
I've got Nix (yes, I named her Nix) on KMR and Nutro kitten cans, she is lapping it up. Too young to be the new strays kitten I think... but I haven't see a single other cat that isn't part of my colony or the neighbors pets in months. She (the stray) feeds every evening at dusk so I've been putting out kitten chow for her to fatten her up. I won't trap her now in case she is the mom and has a few more she is feeding. If she starts to look prego though she's getting trapped and spayed.

So here's my problem, Nix is scheduled to go to Misuns new home on the 11th of September because I'm hoping she'll be 2 lbs by then and can be spayed at the same time he is nuetered. They don't want her yet because they work 9-5's and she's just too tiny to be left alone that long.

Although she is urinating freely she has not yet defacated. I've had her for about 36 hours. She was also sneezing a little bit in my car but I haven't heard her do it in my house. I tried the cotton balls on her bottom even but she just gets grumpy and still doesn't poop. I'm thinking if she hasn't gone by the time I get home from work in the morning I should take her in to her new family's vet (their cat died of old age but they recommended me to them anyway) and see what's what. I need to establish a cat vet anyway since I've just been going here or there or to the pound with my colony cats for fixes but Piper (the one who started this whole cat mess) is due for her yearly exam.
So pray I'm overreacting and it's not anything serious or, hate to be shallow, expensive.