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giving hairball remover!

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I took Cinammon in for her vet checkup & also because she throws up hairballs & undigested dry food crunchers. They gave me laxatone, and they way they gave it to her is some much easier. They put it in a syringe & gave it to her that way. I tried it today, and it's so much easier. This way she is sure to get her full daily dosage. It took a few seconds to get it all out.
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That's a great suggestion. Squirt is prone to hairballs because he sheds so much, but he won't go near the stuff with a 10-foot poll. Maybe I can use that for the shed stopper too!
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I do the sneaky trick..if yours is like the stuff I use, it is like molasses looking, and I dab some on Rocky's paws and he licks it right off.....Fluffy hasn't had any yet that I have noticed so I have only used this on Rocky so far..not sure if this method will work with her or not....
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Ya, it's a brown syrup looking color. I used to just put some on my finger, and Cinammon would like it off, but some days she just would not lick it. Fluffy, our other long-haired cat loves the hairball remover! I call it "candy"
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Jake spends HOURS cleaning himself and gets hairballs often. I do the same thing Rock&Fluff'smom does. I put that molasses stuff on Jakes paws and put him in the bathroom. He licks it right off.
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My kids won't touch the sticky stuff. I recently was told about these products, and I use them and the cats love it!

Caviar Hairball Remedy
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I've used it on my older cat, Missy, as she is obsessed with cleaning her fur(and she sheds a LOT!) I tried it on her paw and she went NUTS and ran around the house and it ended up on the carpet. So I pick her up, and put it on her upper lip and she is fine with that, and does not get all hyper about it being near her foot! You just sort of have to figure out what works for each cat, as they all have a mind of their own(as we ALL know!!!!
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For years, i had cats who would lick the stuff off of my finger. All of a sudden, they started turning up their noses. I went with the "smear it on the paws" technique.
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I have never used it. I normal give my guys those hair ball reducer treats. And I think there purina one might have something for hair balls in it.
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I love the idea of a syringe! I've tried everything to get Trent to take it. I tried the paw/leg thing, and he shakes it across the room (that stuff if hard to clean!!) and then sits there with his paw up like he's hurt. I think Ophelia ended up licking it off him half the time. She doesn't need it, she doesn't get hairballs, and she loves it!
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