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Sasha won't shut up!

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Help! When I first adopted my kitty, about two months ago, she loved to sleep with me on my bed. She would lay there all night without moving an inch...then she had kittens. at first, she would stay upstairs with them all night, but lately, she's been venturing downstairs again, and she's just not as quiet as she used to be. now she likes to sit in the doorway of our rooms, and just yowl! we just had her spayed, because of a uterine infection, and I was hoping that would calm her down a bit. And it did...for one night while she was still pumped full of sedatives from the surgery. But now she's just as loud as ever, and only stops when you get up at 3:30 am to pet her. Is she just wanting attention? I assume this is nothing that will hurt her, but we are all losing a lot of sleep! will she always do this? help!
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It really depends on the time frames and history. How old are the kittens now? Was she an indoor/outdoor cat? How long has it been since she was spayed?
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I'm assuming she no longer has the kittens - they've been weaned and homes found for them? In this case she might want another feline companion. Also she might really want to go outside at that time of the morning. I have a young cat I adopted from a refuge when he was about 6 months old - and AFAIK he had been institutionalised all his life - never felt the sun on his back or grass between his toes. Well, was he ever at heart an outdoor cat. Once he got a taste for it that's where he wanted to be especially at night. He does the same thing as yours. Come 3am or so, he not only yells but jumps on me on the bed, kneeds me, pulls at my hair and keeps it up until I let him out. I'd prefer not to but at that time of the morning it's pretty safe for cats here. I can't shut him out of the bedroom (which you might be able to do with yours) because the others like to come and go. So it seems I'm stuck with this problem of having to get up at 3 am or so to let him out and it's jolly cold here at the moment. But I get back to sleep again easily enough now, though I didn't for awhile.
Good luck!
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we do still have the kittens; they're four weeks old today. we got her spayed about four days ago. we don't really know anything about her history, but as long as we've had her, she's been an indoor cat. I've had three male cats in the past, all of which ventured outside one night, and didn't come back. I miss them terribly, and don't want to repeat this again. my mom suspects that the raccoons may have gotten them. I just don't know what to do with Sasha!
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It may be something you are going to have to evaluate. She may be fussing because her kittens are getting on her nerves. At 4 weeks, they still kind of depend on mom. Usually they will even try to nurse at this age. She could be fussing because of that. If she was an outdoor cat and you want her inside, you just have to be patient with her. She will take a little time to adjust. I can see why you want her to be indoors. I don't blame you one bit. A very dear friend of mine just lost a cat because he went outside. You may also try getting her a playmate if you think 2 would fit nicley into your life. It tends to help with any boredom and lonliness at night. Please keep us updated on her progress.
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Michelle, I really sympathise with your fears about letting her out, I didn't realize raccoons were a problem there for cats - is that definite, is there proof that they attack cats? Sorry if this is a silly question but we don't have them here (Australia), but we do have foxes and a lot of people think they are dangerous to cats. IMO this is not so, we used to live in a very safe place for cats (not so much now, I try to keep them in at least at night) and the cats were free to come and go. There were a lot of foxes there but I never had a cat hurt by one. Maybe it could happen in an outright confrontation situation, but I guess the cats learned to avoid them.
Your cat might indeed be sick of the kittens, if she's just been spayed she'll be pretty sore. I was surprised that anyone would spay a nursing cat but then I noted that she had a uterine infection so maybe there was some urgency to get her spayed.
My only suggestion is to shut her out of your room if that doesn't cause problems with other cats, or just put up with having to get up and reassure her at that ungodly hour. She must stop in time.
Good luck.
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It's rather odd, but we have some pretty aggressive raccoons here. They're bigger than most of my cats have been (my first, White Socks, was pretty big, about their size), and one once cornered my mom in our yard while all she could do was wave her broomand hope it would leave. it finally did when Dad came out. We aren't positive that they are what has been causing such a problem, we have actually suspected our neighbor at times. he's a policeman, and never liked my cats because they sat on his squad car. he has had some words with my mom. I don't recall this, because I was still fairly young at the time (I know, I'm still young). We would just really like her to stay inside. as for the kittens annoying her, that's quite possible, even though a good bit of her yowling is done downstairs, away from them. I think she may be lonely, but I jsut don't understand why she doesn't come into my room anymore, instead of standing in the door, or sitting in the living room. thanks for all your help, I'm hoping she grows out of this.
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I hadn't realised you were "just a kid" until I looked at your profile :-) Sasha might settle down once the kittens are finally off her hands, this yowling in the middle of the night is as though she's trying to tell you something, isn't it. But who knows the mind of a cat? I've been owned by cats for more years than I care to remember and oftentimes have not understood them. But it is lovely to have a cat cuddle up in bed with you and unfortunately not all will do it, or they might start off doing it as young cats then stop. I had a wonderful old cat that slept with me almost every night of his nearly 18 years, yet the others I had were not so keen, or maybe only when it was cold. When my old cat died I not only missed him for himself (and still do, 18 months later) but also as a bedmate. I have since his death acquired 3 kittens/young cats at various stages from the refuge and only the last little one looks likely to be a permanent bed cat. Maybe you could consider another cat yourself in time? S/he might be a bed cat for you and a mate for Sasha as well, unless you plan on keeping a kitten or two.
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I've posted this question somewhere else before, but don't remember if there were any replies. Anyhow... when we first adopted Sasha, she just slept all through the night on my bed with me. But after having kittens, she's suddenly remembered she's nocturnal. Now she stays up all night, just yowling! We've tried letting her roam around the house, keeping her in one room with the kittens, giving her extra food, but nothing is working! my mom comes into my room every night, telling me to go take care of her, but I don't know what to do! I've tried petting her, feeding her, playing with her- but 15 minutes later, she's at it again. I don't know what she wants! My mom has been telling me lately, that if I can't get her to stop, I may not be able to keep her! She mentioned having her vocal cords removed, but I don't think she would ever do that. I know I'd never let her do that to my kitty. But my parents won't tolerate not sleeping much longer. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can I get her to be quiet?
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