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Very sick kitten

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I have a 8-10 week old kitten who has been sick since we have gotten her, she is named Mars. She just finshed her second round of treatment for Coccida and round worms. She's having litter training problems which means, I'm cleaning up soft kitten stools. Today I noticed what looks to be blood in her stool. I will talk to the vet tomorrow of course but was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what it could be. She's had very loose stools for the last 3 weeks so I'm sure the area is very raw from constant bathroom trips. However, I'm very worried because it was a very noticable amount. Mars and Worried Mommy.
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It could be that she's been straining too hard, because i know when my girls were babies they were wormed but it made their poop runny, there was blood in it but the vet said it was because they were straining.

The good thing is your doing the right thing to get an expert to look at her
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Hope she's better soon. How old was she when you got her? Very young kittens (under 3 months) can go downhill fast and its cruicial that you get the diarraha taken care of as the kitten can dehydrate very quickly.
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Blood in the stool isn't unusual with diarrhea but 3 weeks of loose stool/diarrhea is not ok. Did you have a positive diagnosis of coccidia with a stool test?

What is she being treated with? A yellow liquid called Albon? Has she been on it continuously since the diagnosis?

At the least I would ask the vet to review her situation and consider additional or modified treatments. Coccidia is dangerous in young kittens not just because of dehydration, but because the symptoms of diarrhea are resulting from the destruction of the lining of the intestinal wall which can be very dangerous in some situations.

It's also possible she has a secondary cause of diarrhea, possibly the worms, or giardia (not as likely based on your description) or her food.

If she has trouble using the litterbox she may need re-training via confinement in the bathroom with a litterbox for a week or so.

**MODS** - we could so use a little sticky article on litterbox re-training.
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