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RIP Brown Noser

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Brown Noser~ Named after the brown on his nose when he was a kitten.

Noser was put down today after being diagnosed with advanced Kidney failure, a UTI and diabetes, his kidney failure left him untreatable!

He was preceeded in death by his sibblings~ Tissy, Sonny Boy, Spaz, Misty, & His Best Friend Booger Stanek. His surviving family is his parents, Hope & Soot, and his brother BooBoo & a Sister named Zoey. He also has an inherited aunt named Lala.

We dont really know why the whole family has come down with liver failure in under a year, but talk about heartbreaking!! I will be adding pictures of him later when I get them on a cd to put up for all to see! I want you to all see the beautiful boy he was, a true loving, giving cat. He was demanding or anything though, he was just there when you needed him. He liked to be pet, and loved the company of people and other cats, even though the other cats didn't necessarly like him back. He was going to be a trucking cat, but today when it was noticed that he wasn't well dreams were cut short. His best friend in the world was Booger, who died a few months back of what was said to be *curable kidney failure* but as you can tell, it didn't end up being curable. The picture Ill add later on is a picture of Booger and Noser together. They loved each others company... Noser wasn't overly naughty either, he was just a good companion, and the world with always be missing something from here on out. Many hearts have been affected and it just doesn't seem fair, but then again, death never does.
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Poor baby He'll be fit and well again at the bridge with his new friends to play with

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awwww how absolutely heartbreaking indeed

RIP Brown Noser... play happily with your family.

Run free little one
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Oh how sad.

Rest in peace sweet Brown Noser.
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Awww, that is heartbreaking. Rest in peace little guy.
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Rest in peace, sweet boy
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Brown Noser.
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Thanks everyone! My mom is taking it really hard, to the point where she isn't even eating right now... She's sad and it just seems unreal and this point... She can't really believe it and she's doubting her decisions right now, and she did the right thing, we fought tooth and nail to keep the other babies alive that had kidney failure and it ended up prolonging their suffering which would have been just wrong at this point... Its been an awfull few days, my moms cats wont even go near her at this point, they act like she killed him or something! Its really sad, and she's really sad and misses her babies, not just Noser, but all of them!
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i'm so sorry. for you and your mum.

it's so difficult when you have to make that decision. when i had to have my beloved janet pts before FIP completely destroyed him, i spent along time questioning whether i could have done more. fact is he was suffering, not eating and dying a slow death. i know i helped him end that misery but my goodness did it hit me like a ton of bricks. i cried night after night for my boy.

i'm sure your mums other cats are just distressed at her distress.

RIP little soul, watch over your meowmy at this sad time.
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