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Please help...very worried.

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I want to begin this by saying I am taking my cat into the vet tomorrow but would like some advice, thoughts, ideas and opinions of those who may have dealt with something similar...

My cat is 4 years old and very healthy...he's an indoor cat on high quality food and enjoys his life with 2 other kitty companions and 3 dogs.

He is the only cat that constantly tries to escape and is very occasionally successful...one night, several weeks (months) ago he was out for nearly an hour or more before we were able to find him. When my husband was able to catch him and bring him in he panted for up to an hour, felt very warm, almost feverish and seemed disoriented. One of our other cats tried to attack him. Since that incident we've been even more careful and once he seemed to recover we stopped the worry and moved on.

However, for several weeks (nearly a month or more) He has had slightly elevated third eyelids and on an off symptoms of a fever, diarrhea and vomiting...We first found the symptoms online under torovirus and were sure that was what was plaguing our cat so we worried no further...when the symptoms continued we asked our vet who acted like it was no big deal and called in some dewormer and gave us some eye ointment.

Tonight, I pulled him out to clip his nails and was stunned by how hot his paws and ears felt. He was breathing normally but acting very lethargic and very unlike himself. He fell asleep in my lap (that hasn't happened in the 4 years that I've owned him). He didn't purr when I scratched his ears and he didn't even fight when I tried to clip his nails and apply the eye meds.

I'm VERY concerned. We've had him since he was a small kitten and I can't imagine what could be making him so sick. He isn't sneezing, his eyes aren't runny or crusty (although the third eyelid is still raised). He doesn't appear to have lost any weight but he is shedding profusely, he is feverish, lethargic and clearly not well.

He doesn't eat any "people food"...He doesn't have the normal symptoms of an upper respiratory infection and my other cats don't seem sick.

Any ideas of what this might be?
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I'm sure you're running through all the possibilities. Is he up to date on his rabies shots, etc? My first concern would be that he ate something (a mouse or a bug) that was either poisoned or poisonous. But it's not impossible, since you mention your other cats reacted oddly to him, that he was in a fight and has an abscess somewhere on him. It's good you're taking him to the vet in the morning, because cats are excellent at hiding injuries, pain, and illness, and once they show it, they are very sick.
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Things like this can't even remotely be diagnosed over the internet and trying to diagnosis him in this way isn't going to be helpful. He obviously has a fever and that indicates some type of infection. It's good that your taking him to a vet because he needs a vet. Please let us know what you discover and I hope he recovers quickly
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No advice to offer but Prayers and
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If your regular vet is still not concerned or you just don't agree with him about treatment, try a different vet. Please let us know how it goes.
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