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grapefruit seed extract

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i want to get some grapefruit seed extract for ed and coco to boost their immune systems. ed has a tendency to get "stuffy" without actually being sick and i thought this might help.

i see where i should put two drops in wet food... which i just got today and hopefully he will like. but do i do this every day if he is not actually sick? i'm not sure i want to feed him wet every day, but i will if that is the way to go.

also, i have no experience with feeding wet food. i want to feed this along with dry. i plan to feed them each half of a little can whenever i need to give them the extract (more as a treat than a staple.) how much should this cut down on the amount of dry i give them. they each get 3/4 cup of dray a day (split and fed 2 times a day.)

Thanks for any help you might provide...
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I feed it to my crew all the time, and have for quite awhile now. I saw a rapid decrease in URI and even the new ones that arrive who have runny eyes and other problems, this stuff clears it up in good style. I put two drops in each of their food- and mix it up, plus I drop about 8 drops in their water fountain they drink out of. Hope this helps.
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I hadn't heard of using it as a preventative, but have used it on my dogs before. Then at one point I had a minor health problem, and decided to use it on myself... Well, let's just say that two drops in a glass of water/juice was way too much for my taste buds! One I could just stand... I have the strong stuff, apparently many other brands are not quite as concentrated, but after trying it myself, I was surprised that my dogs hadn't refused their dinner when it had a drop in it, and that they kept drinking their water if it had a drop in. Strong stuff!
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Since I started adding GSE to the kitties' water about a month ago, the sneezing has just about completely resolved. No one has complained about the water at all. I think it worked very fast!

MaryAnn, I thought it was 3 drops in the water fountain, that is what I've been using. You're recommending 8 drops?
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Sue, I have a super deluxe fountain that 18 cats drink out of. I put 8 drops in and mix it up good, turn on the pumps and let them have at it. If I had only two or three cats, I wouldn't use quite so much. =)
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Ah...I have the Drinkwell fountain w/reservoir, which seems to work very well for my 11. I put 3 drops in the reservoir whenever it gets filled (and the spoiled brats get spring water, too!)
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