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RIP Mama Kitty

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I just wanted to remember a beautiful, young mama kitty who was euthanized today. She was long-haired, mostly white feral girl who showed up in the yard of a friend of mine with her three kittens in tow about a month ago. My friend was able to trap the kittens a couple of weeks ago and has worked hard to socialize them. She trapped the mama kitty today and took her right to the vet to be spayed. The vet insisted on testing mama kitty and she tested positive for FIV. She was also very weak. Given her condition and the test results, she was put to sleep. The kittens, all female, tested negative and have been taken in by a local rescue. Fortunately, there was some good to come out of this.

RIP mama kitty. I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you. Please know that you were loved and that your baby girls will be taken care of.
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I'm sorry that decision had to be made She must have known her time was near and her kittens needed help. RIP Mama kitty
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This life was not fair to you Mama Kitty.
Hopefully it will be better for your sweet kittens.

Rest in peace Mama Kitty.
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So sorry about the Cat.
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RIP SweetMama Kitty

What a good Mama you were to your babies, to get them help while you still could. Play happily at the Bridge, sweetie, and watch over your younguns, though I'm sure you'll see that they are being well looked after.
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glad to hear the babies will be ok... for Mama Kitty!
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Im sorry Mama Kitty, the world really isn't a fair place sometimes, but thankfully you got your babies to safety in time! You're in our thoughts and prayers, play happily over the bridge!
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Poor little girl Have a wonderful time at the bridge, and you will see your babies again one day

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Rest in peace mama kitty At least her little ones could be saved.
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Rest in peace, Mama kitty.

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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I'm sorry that decision had to be made She must have known her time was near and her kittens needed help. RIP Mama kitty
What a brave kitty, to bring out her babies to humans. Some years ago, a mountain lion was mortally injured on the highway; she managed to lead the DFG wardens to her lair, where they rescued a lion cub and placed it in an animal sanctuary -- the strength of motherly instincts can be so strong!!
Play happily over RB, mama kitty and know that your little girls are safe now
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Aw so sorry , rest in peace muma cat
Jess x
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She was a good Mama and got her girls to safety. How sad. But now she is whole and happy over the bridge watching over her little ones.
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