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Holly has URI, maybe

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Holly has been snezzing since I brought her home in early June, but nothing came of it. The vets just gave her some L-lysine and said nothing was wrong.

Starting two days ago she has eye boogers, a funny sound in her nose when she breathes, still sneezing and seems kinda tired I think. I am kinda worried...but she has a vet appoitment in the morning, so it should be ok hopefully. They suggested she might have herpes or something, but I think its because she got a double shot of FVRCP on accident in June.

She has a spay appt. on the 22nd, but now I wonder if she is ok to have it done. If she starts some antibiotics tomorrow, maybe she'll be better enough by then? I know we gotta ask the vet, but sometimes I forget all my questions when we are there.

I'm so not going to sleep well tonight...
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We went to the vet today, no URI, and again they say Holly probably has herpes virus...I think they must be right.

Do you just assume it's herpes, or test for it? Her sneezing and mild eye goop all fit the bill.

Anybody got any help for me and Holly?
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Meeko has that off and on. I do not remember if Meeko had a test for the virus or not when the vet told me she had it. If your cat has the herpes virus she will get eye goop and sneeze off and on. Meeko gets the eye goop sometimes.
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Pixel has herpes. she sneezes occasionally, plus has goopy eyes [she's also most likely got a blocked tear duct]. that's about it for her unless she's under stress. then she'll develop little sores on her face unless i increase her lysine & get the feliway diffusers going.
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