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What a lovely day

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I'm at the local library today studying, and it's a really nice library - lots of character.

Anyway, the library has a really nice park right next to it - it's not big enough to play sports because there's trees everywhere, so everyone just comes out with their blankets and has picnics or just lays down and relaxes.

So I've come outside to have some lunch, and am sitting in the sun. It's maybe 25 degrees C (77F), a light breeze is blowing, and there's heaps of squirrels hopping around hoping I'll throw some food their way.

Ahhh it's nice to be studying rather than working
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I had a homeless dude come up to me and ask if I knew of any places around that fed the homeless. I said no, I didn't, but I had an extra banana and granola bar I could give him. He looked at them, and said "no, it's ok". I said it was fine, I didn't need them, and if he wasn't actually hungry now, he could save them for later, and he again said no. He didn't even say thanks for offering... I guess he was just hoping I would say "no, but here's some money to buy yourself some lunch", so he could spent it on more exciting things...
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Sounds like a nice day. I need more of them. TY for shareing.

I recently moved to Boston. Any day that I dont get Honked at while driving is a good day.
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Almost sounds like more of a picnic than studying, sounds wonderful!

Oh, and I just "love" homeless people like that! I literally flat out stopped carrying cash when I took BART to UCB because I would get hit up on for cash at least 3 time each way of my commute. Always because they were "so hungry", of course! But, like you, I would offer food if I had it to offer. I would tell them "I'm a starving student, as is quite obvious, so I don't have money, but since you seem to need it, you can have my only meal for the day" and offer my bagged lunch. 100% of the time, even if if was fresh, sealed, packaged food, they would turn it down!

See, the thing is, they don't specify WHAT they are hungry for.
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