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I see that there are a lot of problems with cats not using litter trays etc. and I pop on this site now and again as I had cats for 35 years and am at the moment without one for a whole 6 months, so I like to help if I can. I had a few problems with my two cats and in the end, I put one litter tray down one end of the room and the other one as far away as possible at the other end. They each chose one themselves and even when one cat passed away, (I couldnt bring myself to take away the other tray for a while) but the other cat would not go near it.

When the first cat wouldnt get on with the new kitten, I rubbed the first cats urine on the kitten and bingo! They played and slept cuddles up together for years. When they got old, one of them started spraying everywhere and stupidly I ignored my husbands advice to separate them as they had always been happy together. I tried everything to stop the spraying and nothing worked. The day that Tobes passed away aged 15, Dillon stopped spraying, so if I had let them sleep in separate rooms I wouldnt have had to clean up for years! As they got older, one of them wanted his own space.

Also, if a cat starts pooing in places he shouldnt, if it is not physical, you can bet that something is upsetting him, look where he is doing it, by a door, he doesnt want closed? a new piece of furniture put into the room? Another animal? Some change in the house?

Hope some of this helps someone. My darling Dilly was a birman and was by far the naughtiest cat I have ever known, from a kitten until he was nearly 20but the joy they bring far outweighs all the problems, I dont regret a moment.
Best Wishes