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Greasy spot on tail

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I was brushing Chester today and noticed a very greasy spot on his tail, up near the base. His skin is a little flaky there and the fur is actually a little bit sticky (!). I washed that spot with dog shampoo but it didnt help at all. I just realized its a no soap shampoo so Im going to pick up some dawn dish soap and try that. Weird thing is, my dog has a greasy spot with very flaky skin on his tail too.
Does anyone know what might have caused this? I dont see it in any of my other cats.
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It may be stud tail?
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Yuck. There arent any signs of any kind of infection, I hope its not that. uggg
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Have you ever had a cat with cat acne? If so it will probably present like that. Maybe he got into an oil spill or something If you want you could try shaving the fur and seeing if he has those yucky brown spots. It is most common in male cats (though they're usually whole), that's why I think it may be stud tail. Stud tail is easy enough to remove and generally isn't painful for the cat. I can't think of any other condition, unless the food you're feeding him is causing oiliness of the coat, but i can't see how
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I have had cats with kitty acne before, on the chin area. I poked around the greasy spot and I dont see any brown spots on the skin, looks white as a peach just oily and a little flaky. So Im gonna wash it again (hopefully wont have to trim it) and see what happens. Thanks!!
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You can try rubbing a ton of "Goop" handcleaner on the base of the tail before washing it with Dawn. Just rub it in down to the skin, some try to leave it on for 15 or 20 minutes. I never have and still have good sucess with it. Rinse and then wash it with the Dawn. Rinse with 2 gal warm water and 1/2 cup white vinegar. If that doesn't help then I'd suggest taking him to the vet.
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Alright. It already seems a lot better today, not sticky but still a little bit oily. Ill go for one more wash and if its still not clean Ill buy some goop. Thanks for the suggestion!
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