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no movement in hind legs

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This morning I found my cat with her hind legs stuck in the our wood fence from the stomach down.Since then when she tries to move she has to drag her hind legs behind her.She does not appear to be in pain and can move her tail,however she has been sleeping most of the day.I am not sure what to do and there are no vets offices open today.Can anyone give me some suggestions on the subject,please?
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Look in the yellow pages, there must be an emergency vet in your area. Do Not Put This Off Til Tomorrow. Find a vet and have the cat seen today!!!!!
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There is noone open in my area,I live in a small town.I did leave a message at the vet's office and he called me back soon after.He said that due to my cat can move her tail she should regain feeling again soon but I should take her in for x-rays.I am still worried though she will drink water but will not eat food.Thank you for your reply though it was very appreciated.
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may have broken her pelvis. Cats are very good at masking pain. Please place her into a crate with food water and an absorbant pad for accidents. Keep her warm and quiet until she can be seen by the vet. Please keep us posted as to how she is doing!
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Is that the only vet in your area? The one who said because she has mobility in her tail she will soon be better??! I would call another vet immediately, if she has paralyzed limbs, she will not be able to move her bowels, she also might have crushing injuries. You need to put her in a carrier with a lot of bedding inside, I would even use diapers for padding in case she does have an accident. She really needs to be seen this could be quite serious. I am so sorry you have to deal this, but please find a vet and quickly.
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She is actually doing better.She has been using the litter box and has eaten small amounts of food throughout the day,she is also drinking water.I have tried to keep her in one comfortable spot but she is very determined to move all over the house.Every time I turn around she is in a different room of the house,even managing to get up and down from my bed.She has been trying to use her back legs also but does not appear to be able to hold herself up,one legs appears stronger than the other.I have spoken with several vet.'s and I think she will be ok until I can have her seen which unfortunatley is not for a couple days but I really think she will be ok now..Thank you to every one for your concern.This is the only place I could find to go for any help and it was a big help.:icecream:
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Did she ever see a vet?
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She did see a vet and he said she does not have any fractures she appears to just be bruised,but she is now hobbling all over the house on three legs one is still wobbley.She is also eating back to normal.
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I'm glad to hear she is doing well now!
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