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Very Very Painful Paw

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Around a week ago I posted about blisters on my indoor cat's paw that had spread on both hands. The blisters have now dried but it seems that there is a problem.
Today I noticed that her left middle finger was slightly red, this afternoon the little spots of black have appeared on the at the webbed area and it looks as though skin on her finger has gone missing, looking wet and raw. Also there is now a smell coming from her paw.
Our vet had given us washing fluid which we use twice daily, when we tried cleaning her paw with it , it was extremely painful. She had never bitten me before and today she was yelping when it touched her.
she is also limping which our vet tells it is fine but we do not believe. The antibiotics (BAYTRIL) he gave us dont work but he says that its fine.
We are going to take a video of her liming and show it to a new vet.

It is very painful to touch or move her fingers for a better view, we are going to a new vet and hope that he can get a good view of what it is and treat it. It seems that our previous vets just glanced at it.
Has anyone ever used drugs to calm or reduce pain during examinations??
Anyone have any idea what it may be? non of our vets have really diagnosed it

I hope Pillo kicks away this paw thing once and for all and that she gets better soon
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I think it is good that you are seeing another vet. The first one doesn't sound too competent. Keep us posted after you see the new vet.
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I'd get a new opinion asap as well - that odor is bothering me - could be he's developed an infection (heck, I did after some bad blistering, and I was trying to keep everything clean as well) and I wouldn't wait too long, just in case the wound went septic.

Best wishes for a good diagnosis and a speedy return to health.
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