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Am I just a paranoid freak? (Vet issue)

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Long story short I am in the process of changing vets after I received an email stating the vet I go to know made a horrific mistake that almost killed a cat (used 14 inches of a feeding tube instead of 4 inched, IMO huge mistake). So I asked around and found out the most praised about vet in this town was one close to home, so I was happy.

I took Bruno in today for a check up and his Rabies shot (woohoo he is parasite free, Giardia is a pain in the butt!) and I was not impressed.

First off she barely weighed him. He wasn’t even fully on the scale before she said 38.8 lb’s and he was moving. Secondly, she noticed Bruno was timid, so she talked for 10 min on how I should get a personal trainer come over and tell me what to do and conveniently its someone she knows well. She totally dismissed my plans for him to go to group training classes, have group doggy play dates and eventually doggy daycare and agility classes. Which I personally think is a great idea.. in fact better then just some dude coming over and telling me what to do.

Then she said he was younger then she thought because his teeth were small, I asked her how old she thought he was and she checked his teeth, looked confused and changed the subject. She asked what I was feeding him (eukanuba large puppy food) and said that no dog should be on puppy food after 5-6 months due to joint issues. I mentioned that the food was specialty food and it said to feed until 12-24 months and she said well we don’t want him getting fat. My dog is not fat… he gets an insane amount of exercise too. I would say 2 hours of full running plus all the times he runs around like a freak in the backyard.

I know this is a long post… but am I just looking into things too much? Or did this vet seem like she didn’t know what she was talking about?
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IMO if you don't feel comfortable there, find another vet... I could never take my pets somewhere and be ok with not feeling comfortable with the way they practice... too bad you're not in NJ - I LOVE my vet!
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I don't know anything about dogs, so I can't help in that regard. But I've always said that if you aren't comfortable with a vet (or any other medical provider, for that matter), for any reason, then you should look elsewhere.

The fact that she is "the most praised about vet in town" is valueless if you don't feel that she's earning her money, so to speak.

Again, I don't know anything about dogs, but intuitively I don't see anything wrong with your plans. The vast majority of people, I am quite sure, do not get a personal trainer for their dog. And their dog turns out just fine more often than not, I would think.

And while food companies IMO do tend to overstate the amount of food that should be fed to a pet (it's good for the companies' bottom line), there is such a huge disparity between what she is recommending and what the manufacturer recommends that I wouldn't be too confident in her assessment. You know your dog better than she does; you interact with him every day and you know how much exercise he gets. If you are confident that the food that you are feeding him is suitable, and that he is not gaining too much weight or risking health issues down the road, then I don't see why you can't continue to do what you're doing.

I would certainly be open to obtaining a second opinion on these issues if they continue to concern you.
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Ya. It seemed like she was plugging this trainer guy to me. I don’t know how any vet would dismiss and not recommend having some serious plans to get your dog out and socialize them. It seems that should be high priority for ALL dogs.

She herself wasn’t the most recommended, the vet practice was. Maybe everyone else went to another vet. It’s so hard. My vet at home where I moved from (Toronto) I would bet my life on whatever he had to say about my pets. He was the best. I almost want to bring all my pets to Toronto so he can check them out LOL. I guess I was spoiled… Next time ill ask for another vet. She didn’t even ask me how active he was before she said he would get fat. He’s so lean too… I hate looking for vets.
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Could your Toronto vet maybe recommend someone in your new location?
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
Could your Toronto vet maybe recommend someone in your new location?
That's a good idea to find out... I don't know what I'll do if/when I move out of the area! My vet is one in a multi-doctor practice and when I recommend the place to others I say "always ask for Dr. Kathy when you make an appointment" - I used to work at the place too and I know for a fact that the one vet is horrible (scared of dogs, hates cats - only in it for the money) and I know he gets all the new clients because all of the established clients have since requested to see different vets within the practice.

What about talking to your sources that stated this was a great place? Can you ask them which doctor they saw?
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I am not sure if my Vet could recommend someone. My vet is from a huge city, and I now live in a dinky one LOL. It is possible due to the fact that my vet teaches students and does seminars for vets… I will call him tonight and find out.

I will also talk to the people that recommended this practice. Its mostly people from work and its been crazy here. I want to get Bruno microchip. I think I will make an appointment next week and ask for the other doctor and request a basic examination and see how I feel about her.

Thanks guys! You are the bestest! Its also true, with any medical person you need to feel comfortable, and I didn’t, I wont be going back to her.
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Oh my.... I think I would have felt the same way. Why on earth would she say some of that stuff? It's ok to sugest several options and what's good for the dog, but all that? Just for a simple vet check

I go to the vet here in town and I have a young/newer gal and she AWESOME! I love her to death and I love the vet techs. They are all friendly and know all of our animals by name and ask about them. They are always friendly and sugest other options if I'm not sure about whatever it is we're talking about.

It's your choice what to do.....Are there any other vet offices near by?
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I would try a different vet ..
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