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Litter help and fast!!!

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I have a I'm guessing 8-10 week old kitten. Her name is Mars. She is the most adorable thing known to man and absolutely loves people. However, she's having a Terrible time litter training. She has ALWAYS peed in her box never ever going on the floor. Unfortantly she cant get pooping in her box. I have tried everything....Keeping her in her own room with food and water, resulted in her ONLY pooping in the floor, went on for about 3 days. I have moved all of the food to her litter box area so that she would "remember" where her box is, she pooped in front of her food or in front of her box. I have tried for the last 3 or 4 days to carry her to her box or call her into her room and get her into her box and she gets super excited because I reward her with good habits by giving her a treat. She knows she gets it she ALWAYS goes if she is put in her box, after she is led to it. But once we go to bed or in the early morning she just goes back to using the floor.

We do have another cat, however, I scoop the box atleast once a day and put baking soda in the box to musk any smells that could be in it. Mars loves when it smells of baking soda and will walk to the back room to use the box but never to poop in it. She is finishing her second round of Coccida treatment and I'm sure from having to go all the time immediatly has caused her behavior but I dont know how to correct it. We have gone from her going where ever she wants (kitchen, living room, hall way), to just her room. We DONT have a big house and she knows her way around it very well. Its been 3-4 weeks since I've had her and I have to get her doing the right thing with only "accidents" everyonce in awhile or else I'm afraid she cant stay, its causing my house to smell, hints small house, and the other cat doesnt approve of her going on the floor. PLEASE help any advice is welcome, I love her to death but its getting out of control. With much love kat and Mars.
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Confinement to a small room for litter training, pref. a bathroom.
Save poop and put it in her box, this will help her get the idea.
Some cats require a seperate box for pooping only, she may be one of those.

Clean every area she's pooped thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner to completely remove the smell, you may not smell it, but she still can.

Also, once she is out of confinement, kittens that young should have litter boxes almost everywhere until they are old enough to have better muscle control and able to hold it long enough to make it to the box.

Hope some or even any of this helps.
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You can try to put her inside the litter box right after she is eating, it helped my kitten understand where to do her wastes.Of course it takes a lot of patient, but I own three cats and we trained them all the same way.
Good luck
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I understand the confinement and it makes perfect sense to me, but like I said when she's confined she will only go on the floor and thats it....She gets put in her box after she eats, wakes up, walks around, pretty much every hour or so she is lead to her box and put in it and yes then she does go....I could try an extra box but then wont it be hard to break her of being able to go in multiple places?? She isnt one of those cat you can move litter boxes on.
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2 boxes and patience she is a kitten, used to pooping wherever she happens to be. I use the aluminum throw away pans you buy at the grocery store for beginning boxes. You usually get three or four like the type you roast a turkey in. She should have two boxes, this is their instinct to pee in one place, poop in another.
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How deep are the pans? Kittens under 3 months - I use no more then about an 1-2 inches deep. As they grow, they learn to use the deeper pans.
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Also, I'd suggest trying Kitten Attract (one of Dr. Elsey's line - developed to help kittens during training) - some new boxes and clean clean clean with an enzyme cleaner (yes, my adult boy did have litter box issues - I got good at cleaning). You should be able to get Kitten Attract at Petsmart and I think the kitten attract web site has a retail locator as well, if you decide to give it a whirl. A little more pricey than regular litter, but so worth it if it works for you!

Also, I'd suggest scooping at least twice a day.

Also, the rule of thumb tends to be one box for each cat, plus one, spread out in different locations. Yeah, I know, can get crowded.
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All very good suggestions! You're on the right track!

It's important that the litter box be kitten sized so she can get in and out of it easily. Having a couple of extra litter boxes around won't hurt. You can always remove a couple later. Using those aluminum throw away ones is a great idea for that!

Save her poop and put it in her litter box, so the smell tells her that is where she needs to go.

Just keep being patient with her, she is still young and still doesn't have full control of her body functions yet.

Also don't wash out the box with bleach or harsh chemicals, just good ol dish soap and hot water.

What kind of litter are you using? Maybe she doesn't like that type. When they pee, they don't have to scratch, but when they poop ...
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Cats dont generally like their litter tray next to their food, you could try moving it further away.

My kitten pooed on the chair nearly every morning for 3 months, I was at the end of my tether. If I got down early, he would wait until I went in the kitchen and then quickly do it on the chair. I took to ignoring the bad behaviour and on the odd occasion when he went in the litter tray, lots of praise, it worked eventually. Lots of patience needed!
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Thanks for all of the advice. I don't think I have it in me to give up on her anytime soon. She's been sick since she came to our family. So I'll keep up dates for advice as they come. Thankyou Mars and Mommy.
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Originally Posted by darlili View Post
Also, I'd suggest trying Kitten Attract
i 2nd the Kitten Attract. my former feral kitten had the opposite problem - pooped in the box, peed on the floor. the Kitten Attract solved the issue immediately!
you can buy these litters, plus the additive online - but they're also carried by my local Petsmart.
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