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Question of the Day - August 14th!

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Do you like to go boating?

John inspired me for the question today. He's been really getting into boats lately, we now have three in our yard (I think, could be more ). He is forever trying to get me to go out on the water with him, but I nearly drowned when I was a child and have been terrified of water ever since.
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I have never been boating and don't think I would like to. Water and speed both terrify me.
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I used to love it until my first husband was killed in a speed boat
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I like sailing. I even built my own sailboat when I was in high school. I like to enjoy the quiet of a lake not go ripping about at 100mph. I also like little motor boats to go fishing in, but thats about it.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
[b]I nearly drowned when I was a child and have been terrified of water ever since.
Same here but I was 15
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I like boating. And I'd love to have a small two-person boat just to take out into swampy little ponds and creeks when I move to Louisiana. I'm always a little disappointed when I go to places like that simply because I'm confined to the shore.

But if you're talking about sail-boating or something in the middle of some huge lake, I could do without that.
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Boating as in ski boats or runabouts, no. But I have a small fleet of paddlers in my back yard. 2 canoes and a kayak. I love them. Where I live I have access to 3 small lakes and scenic rivers with less than an hours drive. My favorite vacation was taking the heavy canoe and a weeks worth of supplies and paddling down the Green river from Munforville, KY to Evansville, IN. About 80 miles in 3 days.
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I like to go boating, but until the kids get a little bigger, I am holding off on buying a boat. The kids love to go in grandpa's boat, so they think I am crazy for not buying a boat.

If I wasn't married with kids, I would go try out for the Deadliest Catch.
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I don't care for motorboats. DH and I went sailing on the Bay with his former boss. I freaked out when it listed so much.

I like row boats, peddle boats, kayaks, ferries, etc.
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I love going on the water! In anything- speed boat, sail boat, jet ski, raft, or just my swimsuit.

When I had free time, I spent as much of it as I could on the water. Any water! Pond, lake, ocean / bay, or even a pool. My dad's nickname for me is "otter" because of it!

But, despite my love for it, it's not a passion or hobby nor do I have any skill. It's just fun for me!
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Being out on the open water, feeling the breezes, the peace the calm, I LOVE it!
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Thats too bad I love boating and fishing. But HATE cruises - to me they would be boring.

When I'm in a boat (love the speed boats) I want to either be fishing from one or having fun going fast. One day I hope we can own a pair of jet ski boats
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I love going in the speed boats! We actually have to drive to get to a big enough lake so that we can build up some speed though, our lakes here are tiny! Never the less, its always fun! I get bored easily, and on the canoes and stuff theres just no way to go fast enough!! Im a water baby though! Mom had me in swimming lessons when I was 6 weeks old! (the mommy baby kind)
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I have never been boating.
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I love being out on the water!!! Unfortunately though we don't get to go often!
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I have been sailing since I was a kid and love it. Not big on speed boats though I think people are way to careless with them..
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Boating can be fun. We had a motorboat at one time. Bought it cheap, so it cheap. When we moved to Hot Springs, AR, we lived on the lake and I bought an inflatable rowboat that we paddled around in.

I prefer cruising on the really big boats, though!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
But HATE cruises - to me they would be boring.
I'm going to assume you've never been on a cruise. We say it's the only true vacation a woman can take. On any other vacation, she ends up doing a lot of work, packing, unpacking, fixing food, watching the kids, etc.

There is always plenty to do on a cruise, if you want to stay busy, but if you want true relaxation, you can't beat it.

And eight meals per day!
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