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Lazy Kins

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Since I posted new pics of Kasper's Cats, can't forget my Evie-kins!

Contortionist Kitty's favorite sleeping position!

Do you mind? I'm sleeping!


Lookit those curled toeses!

Silly humans, THIS is how to use a love seat.

Mmm, comfy...

Yup, she's fast asleep during her balancing act!
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Awwwww..... what lovely toes!
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wow she is stunningly gorgeous!! what thick fur!

i always take pictures of my cats' feet - there is just something wonderful about them xx
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Every time I see her, I just love her, she is so beautiful!
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She is gorgeous!
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Just Beautiful
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She is so beautiful with such lovely thick fur. I would love to snuggle up with her!
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Love those curled toes!
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