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New to this...Help?

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Hey, my cat's name is Jinx. She is a year old and about 50-56 days pregnant. Not exactly for sure. I brought her to the vet and he only counted two but there could be more. Anywho... I am worried, this morning I woke up and she was having a little bit of bloody discharge. Now I am not sure if that is supposed to happen or what that means. I called the vet and he told me to keep an eye on her and watch for any changes. She seems fine though, she doesnt look too too big, she is a pretty small cat though and she is still eating and drinking. But doesn't like when I leave and always wants to be pet. Can anyone give me any tips or let me know what should/shouldn't be happening?
Thanks in advance!
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If she's in early labor, she may have a problem. Normal gestation is 63-68 days - being born any sooner then 60-61 days may produce dead kittens.

Hopefully your calculations on her dates are wrong and she's closer to the normal range. You might call your vet and have her checked out.
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I was just going by what the vet said, but what I am thinking is because she is small and was small at birth maybe they will be small too and maybe the vet was wrong about his guess.
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Its frustrating to calculate the days if you don't know for sure when she mated. I'm used to planned pedigree breeding. My females usually went 64-65 days - one litter was 68 days and I got a little anxious.

I've never had to deal with a pregnant stray and not knowing the due date!
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Well she isn't a stray, I am just not sure of the exact time. I didn't think much of it at the time. Here is a few pictures of her!

She doesn't really like getting pictures taken apparently
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I did not know when Lucia was going to give birth so I had to guess. I am surprised a vet would give that accurate of a number. It is entirely possible she is 60 to 63 days.
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Okay. Well it still doesnt seem like she is having them yet. She is still eating alot. The only difference is she crys when I am not around and sometimes keeps me up at night by meowing or jumping on me. She likes sleeping beside me in bed.
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Does anyone know if its ok to have my pregnant cat around my roomates dog or should I keep her away? He is a pug but gets really excited and likes to jump on things. Is it better to have her just stay in one room? I just feel bad because I know she does like wandering around the house.
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When cats have kittens they tend to become very protective and it might be a good idea to keep the pug from bothering her or jumping on her, etc. Let her have a nice quiet room away from the dog where she will feel safe and won't want to be moving the kittens.
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well she is currently staying in my room, which is the one she likes the most because she wants to be around me.

I want kittens to come soon. Her getting blood on my bed isn't so much fun... Has anyone else's cat had bloody discharge before labour?
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Yes, a little, but my queens were penned up for that last 2 weeks and only allowed a few hrs of supervised outside the cage. They actually preferred to stay in the cage/nesting box and not be roaming around the house jumping on things
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hmm... well it is only a little, most she cleans off of herself. I just get worried because I havent dont this before and dont know what to expect and what is and isn't supposed to happen.
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My Cats a a slightly bloody discharge. Be careful with the dog. Coco had her kittens and teh dog came to close. She warned her but she didnt listen. Coco attacked her and cut her up. She was very protective of her kittens. The dog was a German Shorthair Pointer. Even after that the dog came to close again and the same thing happened. I had to get Coco off the dog. She went for her underside and nose.
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Yah, I have been keeping her away, I know she can defend herself, he is a very small dog, but I just dont like locking her up in the room all day and my roomate would be mad if she hurt her dog.
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Jinx messed around with the sheets and towels in her nest. It is just a basket with sheets and towels, I didnt have any boxes but she likes it! Here is a picture of it!

This is her eating some wet food. I am worried that she isnt getting big enough, just compared to other pictures I have seen.
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