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3LK to spend 3FOB (flat on back). . . .

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I want you all to know that NOTHING SERIOUS is wrong but I have to spend 3 Glorious Days and Nites in
BEAUTIFUL, (World Famous) Barnes Hospital!!!

You remember the thing about my legs and gravity and that Fluid Retention. Well, it seems that I don't BEHAVE myself at home, so the fluid will go down long enough for the problem to be assertained, thus; I will be cheking into the Clinical Monitoring Facility and forced to stay in bed for three days with my feet elevated . . . . No, this is not a RE-INACTMENT of a lost weekend in Delaware in 1974 when I first met George Thorogood. (even though it sounds alot like the positions I assumed at that time

I will get a chance to finish "Dreamcatcher" and be thoroughly B-O-R-E-D STIFF
I have to do this so that we can rule out the presence of fluid around my heart as the cause for my increased blood pressure. (it has remained at 172/110 despite medication(doxazosin and Lasix)

I have said all this to say that I won't be posting again after tonite until Tues. or Wed. (5/29 or 30) I will miss all of you. Swalker; I Hate that I will miss your Alpha Party. So let me say CONGRATULATIONS early and do a dance in your honor. . . . :pinky:

To all new members that come on in the meantime WELCOME We are so glad you found us!!!

I promise to read everything when I get back. To AP, blue, Joe, Loretta, Chuck, Catarina, Anne, Illusion, Alva; I will PM you in more detail later.

I will miss my "furry kids" so much and I know they will wonder where I am I hope they do not missbehave too much for my family! I love them so-o-o-o-o-o much and that is mostly why I want to get better so I know they will always be taken care of.

Talk to you all real soon. Oh, and someone please make sure Mr. Cat DOES NOT DRIVE HOME. That TOGA PARTY I iniciated has taken on a whole new life. . . . . Last I heard he was wiring flood lights for a Giant Mural of Buffy in the parking lot!!!! (that and something about declaring himself "THESARUS KING of THE UNIVERSE"

I love you all TLK(Darlene)
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TLK! We'll miss you so much! Please get well soon and come back! I'll be thinking about you and sending you positive vibes!

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Hope things are ok! Looking forward to having you back! I am sending you on-line hugs!! Hope you can feel them!
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i hope everything goes good, i hate to think of you in the hospital,
bored and in pain? i really hope not

you are already missed :angel2: and i'm praying everything goes well
for you, and you are to return home safe & sound & happy, with wonderful
kitty greetings & hugs from all of us to you

here are some special blobs for you

love and many hugs to you, angel
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Tlk, I'll miss you! Too bad most shows have gone into re-runs now! *l* But you can catch any you've missed I suppose.

See you soon!
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I was just getting ready to PM & ask about how your DR. appt went! I don't know if you'll read this before you leave, but you are in my thoughts & prayers!!!!!

call me on the 800 number if you get bored!
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Hope everything goes well. I'll be thinking of you while you're in the hospital. Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and get one of those drop-dead gorgeous male to give you a sponge bath???

Don't forget to get some rest and catch up on your sleep

I'll be thinking of you

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I sure do hope the time speeds by for you. Thank you on the early congrats... on Alpha cat.

I am sure the will take good care of you.

Just remember we are all thinking of you. I am already looking forward to you coming back! Good luck

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Well, how much time do we have left before she returns?

Can't wait for that welcome home party...
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Darlene, I'm sorry to learn that you're in hospital. I'll say a prayer, in an effort to send healing thoughts your way. Please come back to us soon! We love you.


P.S.: A friend of mine with a biplane gave me a ride home, but I can't recall where I was that I'd need such a conveyance. I remember something about the Buffy billboard, though. I recall being up on a ladder and seeing flashing blue lights, but the rest is a bit cloudy.

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3LK: Hope by the time you are reading this you are vertical again. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to you!!!!
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Darlene....I am so sorry to hear you have to be in the hospital. too bad you don't have one of those portable laptop computers, then you could talk to us instead of being bored! My prayers are with you!
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