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"Cats change your life..."

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Well, the maintenance guy here at our apartment complex has been wanting a cat since I've moved in here... well, a few weeks back, his wish finally came true... he found a scrawny little grey striper abandoned in the bushes on the grounds. She still doesn't have a name yet. But she looks about 6-8 weeks... and she's quite the little ham. I went over there (he lives on the property) and checked her out, bringing them some toys (I have a TON). Now, he's an older divorcee (multiple times from what I gather), and has never had a pet of his very own... heh heh heh...

Yesterday, he showed me the claw marks on his calf where she had landed, expecting a solid surface and grabbing onto whatever she could find (his leg) as she fell to the floor...

Today, he made a comment i knew I had to share.

"Having a cat changes your life... I have to start wearing clothes around the apartment now."

Apparently, she tried climbing his leg last night... and he wasn't wearing pants... ouch!

I told him to join the site ... I don't think he has yet... if he has, he's hiding... I also gave him the name of my vet...

No matter what he names her, she's so adorable... and had him wrapped around her little paws from day one.

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Congrats to your maintainance guy...cats DO change our lives, that's for sure!!!
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Score one more for catdom!
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That's so sweet! I hope the maintenance guy takes real good care of his kitten and joins TCS so we can have pictures of his new sweetie
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Cats are very good at adopting and converting people to the cat-side of things.
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he gets a kick out of showing me his 'battle scars'

he also keeps saying that if she decides she wants to share the bed with him, that he'll start closing the door...

yeah, right.

BTW, I forgot to mention his name... it's Steve. And he has a little furry live-in girlfriend with no name... I gave him a bunch of tips (keeping the litterbox away from the food and water... etc...) and he's been following pretty much everything I tell him. He's finally happy. of course, I really should talk to him about getting her a playmate...

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