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Digital Cameras

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Ok, all you camera enthusiasts, I'm looking for some input here. One of the first non necessities I want to buy is a good digital camera. Not the most expensive, but one at a decent price that makes good pics. What do you guys reccommend, especially for pics of kitties (and some kits have blue eyes).
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There are so many variables in my mind, that asking what camera would be good is like asking what shirt is comfortable.

Are you looking for a small camera to tuck in your pocket? Are you looking for a lot of features so you can grow with the camera once you learn the basics? Do need a camera that comes with image stabilization? Do you want one with a movie mode? How will you be using your pictures? Will you only be sending them by email and printing 4 x 6 or will you be needing larger sized prints?

The first thing I would do, is check out some review sites. Here are two to get you started:

CNET Reviews - Here you can sort by price, manufacturer, resolution etc.


Pick 2 or 3 cameras that you like and then take a trip to your local camera store. Make sure you actually pick up the camera and take some shots. Some cameras sound great, but are too small or too big and the buttons/controls are hard to handle. You have to feel comfortable in handling the camera. Ask one of the staff there what they recommend.

I'm a Canon/Nikon fan, but there are many great valued cameras out there. It all depends on your own needs and what options you want your camera to include.

Also, when you buy a camera, remember that you will probably be upgrading the memory card, buying an extra battery/charger and you usually want to buy a case for it as well. These all are extra, so make sure to factor that cost into the price as well.
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Fuji is OK, but I think they take xD cards. Unfortunately, so do the Olympus cameras. Some are very slim and are probably what you're looking for. Sony takes their Memory Stick, although their cameras (point & shoot) are quite good.

That leaves a bunch of Panasonic cameras (a bit too noisy), Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Samsung, and Ricoh (and others, I'm sure). Pentax makes some good cameras, but they're not the thinnest on the market.
Canon's smallest line of Elphs (don't know the model numbers) are very very small, as are the entire SD line (aka: called their "IXUS" line outside of North America).
Nikon is bringing out some very nice point and shoot cameras, but I don't know how good they are. They're not the best camera to use if you want to have manual settings.
Casio cameras are very nice.

Samsung's cameras are thin and probably look the best (their NV line does, at least), but their photo quality isn't as great as the competition.

I can say the same thing about Panasonic, but they have some really nice features like a really wide-angle lens, and the ability to shoot in "widecreen format", or around 16:10)
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I've had Minolta, Canon and Nikon over the years.
We've given our three children Canons. Durable, lightweight and small enough that they take them everywhere.
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I like Canon and Nikon.

All of my recent photos have been taken with my nikon, including this one:

now it's not the best one but I love this camera and I can hardly wait to get another lens for it.
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I have a canon powershot a430 and I really don't like it. I paid $200 for it and it went down in price very quickly. It is broken and my computer wont read it anymore when I plug it in. It takes forever to take a picture when you press the button.

I think I am going to try a Sony next.
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I've owned Kodak (very user friendly) and Canon and over the two would recommend the Kodak. I've seen stunning photos from Nikons but if you're not a real photo enthusiast and are mostly going to take kitty shots I wouldnt spend the money on one of those. I had a Kodak Easyshare, took a lot of good pictures. One thing I look for when camera shopping is an SD card (just my preference) and also that it takes AA batteries, so no matter where you are you can always by a pack if you forget your charger.
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I've had good experience with HP Photosmarts. Nowhere near the top of the line, but if you're not getting into serious photography, very user friendly, very economical, and they produce decent results.

I helped my sil install the software for her Olympus a couple of years ago, and it was a nightmare. It was enough to put me off that brand, because it's all fine and good to take wonderful pix, but if getting them where you can deal with them is an ordeal, for my money, that's a deal breaker.

My brother has had good experience with Canon.

As Kass said, you need to decide how you're going to use the camera and what you want it to deliver. Hope you find something that gives you a great deal of pleasure.
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I agree with Kass - think about what you want from the camera first. I have a DSLR and a little point and shoot for when I don't want to hulk the big camera around.

My little point and shoot is a couple of years old, it's a Canon Ixus55 and is fabulous for its size. So much so that my daughter, who is looking for a little one (for the times she doesn't want to carry her big one around) is thinking of the updated model.

When I was looking for cameras, my local camera store let me take an SD card in with me to try a few test shots in various cameras to take home with me. I could then look at them on the computer to see which I was happiest with. One was even kind enough to put them on a CD for me, when I forgot to take my SD card. Give yourself plenty of thinking and research time.
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We have an Olympus 1030- and i LOVE it!!!!! It takes amazing pictures, had all the features we wanted, and it's also shockproof, waterproof, crushproof, and freeze proof to certain degrees (aka...perfect for clumsy people)

I can't recommend it enough! It's really worth the price too!
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I have the olympus sp 510 uz..and its a 10 - 15 x optical zoom I have 2 extra lenses for it (its one step below an slr)..and I love it!
of course i'm gonna be saving up for an slr next...
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I bought a Nikon D40 and an extra lens (and other assorted hobby enthusiast goodies) a few months back.

I love it. Its not hard to use at all and it takes great pics.
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