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walking pnuemonia

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Have any of you ever had this? How long did it take before you started feeling like yourself again? I'm asking because after being sick for 3 weeks I went into the doc and it's what she said I had. I'm on an antibiotic as well as the miracle cough syrup with codeine in it for the bronchitis I also have.
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I've had that in the past, as well as full fledged pneumonia that I had to be hospitalized for. Its not fun. I don't remember the walking pneumonia much, but the other, it took a couple months before I actually felt normal again.
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If you are on antibiotics you should be feeling better in a week or so.
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The codeine cough syrup is nice, isn't it? Just remember that you do need to cough to break the congestion up.

Last time I had it, finally with antibiotics it was somewhere around 5 weeks before I felt better... but then I was 17 at the time and my father had refused to take me to the doctor for 6 weeks so it was nearly to the point that I needed to be hospitalized(couldn't catch my breath to walk across the room).

Regular bronchitis usually takes me 3-4 weeks to fully recover from with antibiotics - so I obviously have some problems getting over respiratory infections that most people may not have and may not be a good example.

Hope you get to feeling better soon.
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I have had both kinds before. I had a collapsed lung with the reg pnuemonia and Asthma out of control. I also had walking pnuemonia before. Now I have bronchitis again from being sick all last week. I hope you feel better.The Antibiotics should start helping fast but you will feel tired for a long time.
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Pneumonia is miserable, walking or otherwise. Hope you feel better soon!
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The fatigue is by far the hardest part. Even getting up for a cup of water feels like I ran a marathon. I took the day off today and slept for most of it but that's about all the time I can afford to take off from work. That and the antibiotics make me ichy and my tummy hurt a bit. I feel like a flea ridden kitty scratching all over lol. People in public have the oddest looks on their faces when they see me going to town on a good ich
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I had regular pneumonia and it took a few months to feel like myself. The doctor warned that I would tire easily for quite a while. She wasn't kidding!

Hope you feel better soon.
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