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If our cars could talk(fun post)

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Another post on here got me thinking...what would I do if my car could would i keep it from devulging the secrets that it knows?

Well what would you guys do if your car could talk, and what kind of things would it say?
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Our cars would all be screaming "FIX ME!!!!!!!!" . We have something like 15 old classic cars outside that need to be worked on.
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Yeah mine needs repairs also so "fix me" is one of the things being said but there all really minor problems at the moment so my dad won't get them fixed. I have a chip in the windshield(stupid rock), rear main seal leak, power steering leak, coolant leak, freeon leak and my seats could be reupholstered(minor tares) oh and the about 100 little dings, dents, and scratches that happen to a car on a college campus could also be fixed.

Its been about 3 years since anything really bad has happened in my car so it talking wouldn't be that bad but in high school...I would have had to move to a remote island to keep it quiet.
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Mine would probably have a voice like the computer Hal and say "I'm sorry Brenna, you can't drive me anymore."
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My car would probably say “OMG I am so embarrassed, why do I have to be seen with HER!†I’m always grooving in my car with the speakers up high… and when I say grooving I’m getting all into the music and dancing. Almost everyday someone laughs at me.
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I drive a big ol 4x4 Tacoma so for sure it's signature line would be "GAS num num num!!!!"
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I think my little blue car would be screaming at me..along the lines of "Jeez woman, stop revving my engine like that! Your giving me a headache..."

My car is very sensitive when it comes to pressing the accelerator, I only have to put my foot on it lightly and it revs like crazy!
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Originally Posted by SkyeCat0117 View Post
I drive a big ol 4x4 Tacoma so for sure it's signature line would be "GAS num num num!!!!"
That made me laugh.

I think our car would be trying to tell me its dead. Our car is just about finished being able to move. Hopefully in a few weeks, we are getting a "new" car. My fiance's mom is getting a new one and giving us her old one.
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My car would berate me for how incredibly boring my life is...
Go to work, go home....go to work, go after day...
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It would probably snitch that I sing along with music when alone, or complain about me listening to brutal death metal.
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Mine would first tell me to get the electrical issues fixed... that it's embarrassing when others ride in 'him' and they can't roll down their own windows (been like that since I got him, the previous owner abused the bejeezus out of him).

Then, he's harp on me about not getting out of town enough... he's an SUV (and would be constantly wanting food [gas]) and is a V6... and probably wants to get out and go camping again... which i miss as well...

He'd also tell me to quit my library job, the drive is too boring for him.

And don't get me started about his stickers and the blabbing he'd do about me...

Then he'd tell me get get him cleaned up. He does kinda need a wash...

Man, it would be like having a bossy husband... *snerk*

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Goldfender would also be telling me it needs some maintenance and to please clean it out before the health department condemns it.

Sis learned to drive our 1963 Dodge Station Wagon aka "Little Red Wagon". She often said if it ever started talking she would have to move far, far away... She drove it to college and often served as taxi when she and her college gang got together. Ever stuff 9 adults and a bicycle in a station wagon? I was there when she did that.
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My car would probably ask me to replace its rear bumper, which was bashed in by my own mother a few weeks ago! She was following me home from somewhere and just rammed right into me.

It might also question why I recently gave it a bumpersticker that's bound to make us a few enemies in this extremely conservative part of the country...
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I have a 82 Corvette and "she" (she is a redhead with attitude) would probably tell me to quit driving like a little old lady and clean out my carbs every once in awhile. Feed me premium food, lube my joints, and take me to the Dr more often.
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Max (lol.. yeah, I named my car) would tell me to quit being so lazy and wax him again! It's almost been a month!

I think he's also be upset about carting around my little sister and her friends so much. He's an Accord Coupe, not a taxi! lol

... but overall my car has been pretty happy with me since it hasn't had to make a trip to the body shop lately. It's survived 3 car accidents (none of them my fault!) and a TREE falling on it (I'm not talking about a branch now, like a whole couple ton pine tree) within the 5 years I've had him.

My poor car has been through so much.... good thing it's a fighter.
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Blueington would say "I'm awesome"
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