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Low Carb diet......

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Jerry's doctor told him to go on low carb diet.........


What do I feed him now????
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Why is his doctor wanting him on a low carb diet? Those things are dangerous and can actually do serious damage to the liver!

Carbs are things with starch and/or sugar or are converted to sugar:

all fruits
all desserts

The body needs carbohydrates. It's the first food that the body looks for for energy. Denying the body carbohydrates can make you very sick.

Following this guide linked below will ensure a healthy diet:
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That isnt a good diet at all. It can cause alot of problems because it has way more fat. I tried that diet once and it made me very tired and I had no energy. My Dr said never again. Alot of people on it get liver and heart problems.
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a GOOD lower carb diet would include whole grains & the lower glycemic fruits. high fat intake is NOT a necessity, altho some folks tend to overdo this area because fats are allowed [they're supposed to be in moderation].
there are low-glycemic charts all over the web. here's one: glycemic index
this one is 'searchable'. stick w/carbs that have values below 50 - obviously, the lower, the better.
btw - i know lots of people who follow this plan [aka the Sugar Buster diet] & they don't have any heart or liver problems.
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There is a recent (within the last 2 weeks) study that showed the low carb diet is actually healthier than previously thought. There is probably something on the study on the Adkin's site. The study showed that people sticking to the diet lost more weight, kept off more weight and lowered their cholesterol more than a low fat/high carb diet. And people always forget that high carbs increase the triglyceride levels, which are as important as cholesterol levels.

Does the doctor want him to watch the glycemic levels of the carbs or go on a high protein diet? Two different diets.
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I think Susie is referring to low-carb, not no-carb.

My suggestion is to get the book South Beach Diet. You start off with no carbs for 2 weeks than gradually start adding in good carbs like fruit then whole wheat bread/pasta. I went on it a few years ago and lost 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks, but I am a major carb-o-holic and was ready to kill for a potato at that point so I stopped But it wasn't hard to follow and you got to eat a lot of things besides bacon-cheeseburgers with no bun in fact, on the South Beach Diet, those are never okay except as a once in great while splurge
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I can't imagine a doctor recommending a no-carb diet because from a molecular biology point of view, the protein heavy diet will end up with a toxic by-product - ammonia.

I agree, try for the south beach - the first two weeks will be tough, but you gradually introduce the good carbs.

Good luck!
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I lost 50 pounds in the last year on South Beach diet. It got my blood sugar out of the pre-diabetic range (it runs in my family) and of course I can now exercise which helps anyone's health. All my labs a few months ago were perfect, cholesterol (which was never in the high range but getting there) was just over 100. I'm a big fan of South Beach diet (or Sugar Busters). Adkins is too extreme and gives low carb diets a bad reputation. One of the goals of South Beach is to prevent the insulin response (related to that whole glycemic factor mentioned earlier) from being too dramatic. That's why it's perfect for people like myself that were starting to show signs of insulin resistance (one of the factors leading to type II diabetes).

One of my favorite "diet" foods is occasionally sold at Wal-Mart. It's Joseph's Lavash (not sure on the spelling of that). It's a flat-bread that comes in a Pita looking circle or a larger square flatbread. They are both really good, soft and have a nice taste. Great for sandwiches, or to make something like a breakfast burrito. It has 4-8 net carbs/serving. It has flaxseed which helps the fiber count.

My husband and I follow it as a lifestyle now, occasionally cheating, but generally avoiding those bad carbs.
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I would suggest lean protein (fish, poultry, lean meat), some cheese, and leafy vegetables with olive oil-type dressing. The thing about eating more protein is that it makes you feel more full and you eat fewer calories overall (is my understanding).

Is he diabetic? What is the reason for the diet? My hubby and I are doing Atkins right now, and he is doing really well on it. (I'm not as good as he, but I've lost about 7 pounds, LOL)
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