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My Pookie

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My Beautiful Pookie inspired me to write this about her a few years ago. That's her rolling on the ground in the pic below...


She lounges atop the sofa Back,
Her favourite place to rest.
With eyes half closed, alluring pose,
She reminds me of Mae West

And every now and then she’ll rouse
From her mystery catty daydream.
Abandoning rest for eternal cat quest
Of licking herself kitty clean.

I used to take it personally
But now I’ve come to terms
That when after I stroke her plush velvet coat
She’ll lick off my human germs.

Sometimes she’ll growl and whine at me
And she’s no stranger to biting –
‘Coz I know I annoy this soft living toy,
But that grey fluff is just so inviting.

The soft little grunts when she’s saying hello,
The cute little cat games she plays.
And the way that she’ll doze with paw curled over nose,
Are some of her endearing ways.

She’s starting to lose her thick winter coat,
There’s cat fur all over my bed –
On the couch, on my clothes, even up my nose
‘Spose I’ll get a fur ball instead.

People think I am obsessed and annoying
And my dedication quite kooky.
But she’s my best little friend – will be ‘til the end.
My darling grey soft growling Pookie.

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What a beautiful poem. It made me cry.

Hugs and kisses for sweet Pookie
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I enjoyed your poem about Pookie very much! Is she still with you? Still tempting you with that soft, grey fur?
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Sweet Sweet Poem
Thank-You for sharing ... Sam
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Thank you..
My darling Pookie is no longer with me. She died on August 22 last year, having suffered from lung tumours and a possible brain one. I held her until the end. It was the worst thing I have ever had to do. I will never recover.
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I understand completely. I cry every time I think of the pets I've lost. It's especially heartbreaking when you have to take them to the vet and face the horrible truth. It's so hard to say goodbye. We do have the joy of knowing that God loves us, and shared them with us. I cannot imagine our loving God not allowing us to be with them again someday! I hope God gives you peace of mind. God bless.
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R.I.P Pookie .. Sam
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Pookie is in heaven with all cats who have gme before. I know he is waitng for you.
I was told one time, "the pain never goes away...just get easier to live with." You will survive and go on to love other kitties. No yoou won't forget but yu will live and love again.
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