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I just looked at my control panel again and noticed where it says what I am and not allowed to do, it says I can NOT upload a signature pic. So it must have something to do with some sort of settings/post count, etc. Here is a copy of my screenshot, I circled where it says that.

I know I'm not the winner anyway, but I thought I would help you get to the bottom of it

OK, I think you are on to something. So the question now becomes why does yours say NO and mine says YES. I am going to post this very question under "The Signature Shop" and please check there for the final answer. However, the kats are sending you the points for today because of your extra effort on getting to the final answer. It is great when we can work together as a team and everybody learns something. That is what KatKwiz is all about. You have discovered something that needs to be called attention to so that we can get it documented as to why. Meanwhile, if anybody can find documentation on this, you will also receive 2000 points. For now, I think the kats are right and you are declared today's winner because of your extra effort on getting "to the bottom" of this.

Here is the thread: