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sneezy kity

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I have noticed Marley sneezing more than normal the past few days. It's not a ton, but 2-4times a night, and usually one right after another. Is it normal? I take him to the vet Friday for his rabies and I will be sure to tell the vet but should I be concerned that my little guy has a cold?

Also, this is more of a behavior issue.....he loves to play in the litter box right after I clean it. Last night he was in there for 5 minutes just throwing litter around. (luckily I have a covered box) Is this normal?? If so, why?? And how do I keep him from doing it? TIA
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i'm not sure about the sneezing, but the litter tray thing is more than likely him putting his mark back on his tray. the litter tray is absolutely potent with their personal 'territory' markers & smell. when you've fiddled with it, this is an invasion of territory so puss has to make it his again!!
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Mine can hardly wait to be the 'first' to use the clean litter pans.....I think it's quite normal to jump in and play around. Why stop him...he's having fun and marking 'his' territory.

If your kitty does have a cold, don't get his rabies shot. It's too much for his immune system. If he does have a cold, his nose will be wet, his eyes runny - but doesn't have to be alot - and the sneezing will probably increase.
If it's viral...there's nothing you can do but give him something to boost his immune system to fight it off. If the cold becomes bacterial..then he'll need anti-biotics.
But...NO rabies shot till he's well over the cold. First, verify with the Vet that he does have a cold...she/he will be able to tell.

Maybe the sneezing is just a bit of allergy or passing dust.....
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what kind of litter do you use?? it would be quite ironic if it were the dust from his overly-ambitious litter tray antics that was making him sneeze.
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You know, I didn't even think about that!!!! I use fresh step and it is dusty when I refill it!!! I didn't notice him snezing last night, so it's quiet possible thats the culprit!!!
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I've got the same thing going on...

I changed the litter (from Fresh Step to WBCL) and still sneezing. Now I'm sure she has URI and going to the vet tomorrow morning.

Don't wait until it gets worse (like me). Sneezing is often followed by eye gunk, a boogery nose noise, mine hasnt lost interest in food at all Don't know how old your cat is, but mine is a kitten and the younger they are the more I would worry.

You can try L-lysine to boost the immune system, like we have been.

Mine play in the litter box everytime it's scooped. It's like someone flushed the toilet and they want to use it while clean. The litter is frequently shoved out of the box too. Annoying, but normal.
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