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I'm Back

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Hey everyone,

I got back from Canada yesterday but wasn't able to post so I thought I would come say hi now. It was a great trip but it raised some questions in my mind which I think I will address in another post. I met her parents and it went much better than I thought and there weren't any real tense moments. My girlfriend was happy to have me up there and we spent the first two days getting to know each other again if you know what I mean ::. After that we went to a few movies and out to restaurants a lot. I went to her choir practices on the two Mondays and got to hear her and her friends sing and that was fun. We went for a few walks because both me and her are trying to lose a little wait but I fell and skinned my knee pretty good on Wednesday so that put an end to our walks. I was still able to walk the last 18 blocks to get back to her house on it so it wasn't to bad but it was bleeding and it foamed up pretty good when we cleaned it out. She felt really bad because she was the one who made me go on the walk but I told her to not worry about it because I'm the one who tripped over his own feet.

We slept in the same bed for the first time this trip and it was...interesting to say the least. She has a twin bed so the two of us didn't really fit comfortably and there always seemed to be an arm or a leg in the way. Once we get our own place and a bigger bed(my queen sized bed) I am sure we will be fine. She found out I snore and that she doesn't like that. I woke up to several elbows to the ribs because I was snoring. I found out that despite how hot it is outside she has to sleep under her comforter which is meant for winter use only and she refuses to have a fan on or run the A/C at night. I was a puddle of sweat by the morning and I think I lost 5 pounds that night.

Her parents came back a day early so we decided to meet them and it went really well. I was a nervous wreck waiting to meet them and was expecting a 3 hour interrogation in there basement but they only talked to me about 15 seconds each and then let me and my girl be "alone" to get ready for a date we had that night. They are very nice and very very polish, her dad has the standard pear shaped polish build and is bigger than I am(hard to accomplish) so that just means I don't want to make him mad and I might be able to out run him if I have to. Her mom is quiet and doesn't really say much except to my girlfriend and always in Polish which always left me wondering what she was saying and if it was about me. According to my girl they have yet to give her a yay or nay on me and the relationship but at least it wasn't a nay which means I made at least a decent impression. Her dad even indirectly invited me back when he said "Hope to see you again". He didn't say soon or when really but it was better than "You are not welcome back" so I walked away smiling.

The trip got extended 2 days because I wasn't ready to leave yet and I saw how upset my girl was going to be if I left when I originally planned to. It was fine but I stayed at the wrong hotel. It had no internet(hard to do these days), basic cable(mine didn't work), and a very small bedroom and bathroom. The doorknob on the door was loose and could have easily been jimmied off with a screwdriver(someone might have attempted this before). It was interesting staying in this place and it defiantly proves that you get what you pay for.

Yesterday the drive home took an extra hour and a half to get home due to an hour back up at the Canadian boarder and several traffic back ups, the last one of which lasted about a half an hour but it was right near Chicago so I expected it. The failer to understand merge signs is apparently universal and stretches across countries, I thought it was only an Illinois thing. The highlight of my trip yesterday was getting the finger from someone with an AARP card and who was collecting social security while she stayed about an inch off my bumper. I was doing about 125 in a 100 and apparently she wasn't happy with that. Never thought i would see someone with grey hair use that finger.

I am staying at my parents house until Monday and then I will be heading back to my apartment. I am looking forward to getting back home to see why my rent check wasn't mailed in this month(I've been having trouble with the post office lately) and to see how much mail I have waiting for me.
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Well it sounds like your trip went pretty well.

Was the traffic delay by the IL/IN border?? Back in March we took a big detour to avoid it but Chicago always seems to have some sort of road construction!

How is your mom doing with her PT for her knee??
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she has been doing great and is going back to work next week ::. She can bend to 90 degrees naturally which is what the doctor wanted and she seems to be using it more properly when she walks.

And yes one of the traffic back ups was around the IL/IN boarder and 294 was 100% construction but at least traffic was flowing at about 50-65 mph which for those zones is pretty good. Getting on I-55 is when it slowed down to about 15 for a few minutes and then once I got beyond I-355 we were going 70 again so it wasn't that bad. Just getting to 355 took FOREVER and I thought about getting off but I wasn't sure what exit to take.
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You know, I really don't understand your situation. In one thread you're talking about how miserable you are with your g/f and that you don't think the relationship will work out, and in this thread you're saying how wonderful everything is.

I'm glad you had a good trip, but it really sounds to me that there is something seriously wrong with this picture...
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Welcome back friend!......
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